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Interview: Arty Ziff Chats About His Latest Single, ‘ByeByeBaby feat. Jade Alice’

Following on from the release of his standout singles ‘Thought About You‘ feat. Fractures and ‘IKR‘ feat. Juno Disco, Naarm/Melbourne-based producer, Arty Ziff, has just released his stellar new single ‘ByeByeBaby‘ feat. Jade Alice. We caught up with Arty to chat about the new jam, how the collaboration came about and more!

Congratulations on the new single ‘ByeByeBaby’! It’s got a great groove underneath and a very shimmery feel overall. Can you tell us a bit about the story behind the track?

‘ByeByeBaby’ is about the realisation you’ve made a huge mistake in letting someone go. I think we have all been somewhere similar in a relationship. As Jade puts it – “My favourite songs are the ones that make you dance and make you cry all at once.”

How did yourself and Jade Alice connect, and tell us a bit about the collaboration process on this track?

Jade and I both went to the same primary school and high school. But I was a few years older, and we never crossed paths, but through mutual connections we were able to do this track together. We did most of the writing over Zoom and worked it all out. 

Zoom has been a resource that we’ve all become use to post-lockdown, and it’s awesome to that you were able to both collaborate remotely with your studio! Can you tell us a bit about how you go about producing a track from the start to the recording process?

Absolutely, I have a few ways of making a track. For ‘ByeByeBaby’ I had four chords that I was playing around with. I eventually made a rhythm for them and went from there. I had it on loop and kept adding more and more layers until I was happy enough to structure the song.

Do you have any key items in your home studio that you’d be able to tell us about?

I’ve always believed in making things with what you have, I find restrictions allow for more creativity. I do most of my production within my laptop. I wish I had the space for all the gear but I’m happy with a pair of speakers and virtual instruments. I think not being held back by outboard gear helps me get my ideas down quicker, the first instinct is always the best one. 

What are your plans to finish up the year?

I’ve worked really hard over 2022 to get a whole bunch of releases ready for 2023. I’ll be working on getting those all finished, so please expect a big release schedule from me.

Written by John Zebra