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Interview: Atlas Franklin Alexander Chats About His Latest Single, ‘Crave’

Following the release of his debut EP ‘Enter Echo‘, Atlas Franklin Alexander has just returned with his first new music of the year in the gorgeously haunting cut ‘Crave‘ – produced, mixed and mastered by the artist himself at his home studio in Mulubinba/Newcastle. We had a chat with Atlas to find out about the new single and more!

‘Crave’ is finally out in the world! How does it feel to have a brand-new single for fans to hear?

It feels bloody fantastic! I’ve been working on this song and my second EP that’s going to be coming out mid-year for the last 12 months. It’s hard for me to say it’s finished because nothing is really finished. But It’s finished enough and I’m effing stoked!

For a first-time listener, what would be the recommended listening order for your tracks?

If it was mid-2023 I’d 100% say listen to my second EP first but it isn’t out yet, so for now I’d say:

  1. Crave
  2. Valis
  3. Enter Echo
  4. Glow
  5. Innit
  6. Sonder
  7. Ancient Choreography


How do you maintain a work-life-music balance and are there any self-care tips you can recommend to other artists managing the chaos??

This is quite a tricky one because music can sometimes take over all the other aspects of your life. I’d say firstly try not get too boozed, exercise, eat good food, meditate, and smoke weed. I feel like a guidance counselor right now, maybe I should get into self-help instead of music?

Just do whatever makes you feel vibey and don’t get too fucked up in the process.

Tell us a bit about your live shows, what does the live set-up consist of and what do you think people will take away from hearing your tracks live?

I’ve got a bunch of mates who play live with me who are all next level legends. The live show is way more… live, I guess! Its just more distorted and maybe even slightly punk. Now is probably a great time to mention I’ve got 2 single launch shows coming up in support of this release:

April 29th at The Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar Sydney/Eora

May 6th at The Cambridge Hotel Newcastle/Mulubinba for Band Aid Festival 4

What are some goals in 2023 you are hoping to achieve as an artist?

I’ve got a second video single coming out mid-year with my second EP alongside It. I just want as many people to hear/see it as possible and hopefully dig it. Just making music and videos is enough pay off for me and if people are into it, it’s a bonus.




Written by John Zebra