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Interview: Blake.08 Chats About His New EP, ‘Eyes Ablaze’

Eora/Sydney-based producer Blake.08 has just revealed his polished new EP ‘Eyes Ablaze‘ – produced, mixed and mastered by the artist himself. We caught up with Blake.08 to find out about the new EP, writing process and more!

Congratulations on the release of ‘Eyes Ablaze’! What are your plans to celebrate it?

Thank-you so much! Bless to Anjuna, and of course, the Anjuna family. I haven’t thought about celebrating just yet. I’m a pretty boring 27-year-old, who currently doesn’t partake in the party. But I’d love to play a show, or just have a good day.

How long have you been working on this project?

In the long term, 12 years, I feel like music production is a constant state of learning and that neuroplasticity of repetition really gets to you. But regarding this EP, all three tracks (amongst many others to come), were produced in around 3 years.

I reflect on the project as pure dedication, some very dark times, and some very bliss times. During the weekends over the last three years, I had a goal of finishing a track that I was happy with every fortnight or so… (Things didn’t go to plan and I didn’t end up having 150 tracks I was happy with… lol, maybe 20 or so though).

What was the process like when developing the EP – was it something you planned to create as a collection, or were all the tracks made individually first?

They were all made over three years amongst many others, so there was no specific plan to release three as an EP. However, I really like the flow of ‘Dance With Me’ into ‘Low Vision’. It’s a really pleasant transition. There was no set curation for this one from myself.

You’ve had some incredible live experiences! What are some of your most notable shows so far?

Lost Sundays will be a gig that is  always great fun. It’s an opportunity to play to a big, young audience, who aren’t necessarily exposed (yet) to the slower, more blissful side of music. I try to bring a slower BPM, and squeeze more emotion into shows like this.

Another gig was a couple of weeks ago in Geelong. Tough and rough Aussie crowd, fights breaking out in the line outside, people trying to start me up in the toilets and so on. What amazed me was the unity that was shown once I went on stage. But once I finished, (sorry Geelong, I love you) I got outta there quick…lol.

For someone that hasn’t heard your music before, what are things they can expect in ‘Eyes Ablaze’?

The Blake08 / BlakeAwake sound (haha).

Eyes Ablaze was written through a tornado of moods, from 2019 to 2023, a wild time for me churning with fear, anger and sadness. With the mood compass, I found courage, caution and compassion and the mood tornado somehow, someway, transformed into celebration, and finally into the unity of contentment.

To me, the whole EP represents the hypnotic and captivating power of music to transform moods, instil hope and inspire love for life.

This mood and music odyssey has set my eyes, and with hope, your ears ABLAZE !!!

How do you plan on finishing off 2023? 

Well, my birthdate is the 1st of January. Hopefully I can play a show somewhere, with some fireworks to celebrate. Pipe dream, but hey, never say never.


Written by John Zebra