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Interview: Christina Castle Chats About Her Prosperous New Single, ‘FFFREE’

Sydney-based eclectic artist Christina Castle has returned with her vivid new single ‘FFFree’ – produced by Matt Pauling (blink-182, 5 Seconds of Summer, Twenty One Pilots) in LosAngeles, USA. We had a chat to find out more about the new track and more!

Congratulations on your new single ‘FFFree’! What inspired this song? What are the main themes behind it?

Thank you! This song came from a week where I was just out in the world doing whatever I liked for the first time in a long time. I was completely alone and instead of trying to fill my schedule and meet up with people, I enjoyed the time with myself and got back in tune to my true feelings and intentions and discovered that the “freedom” I’m searching for is inside me always. Also, COVID happened right away the following week, so this was a great theme song for my newfound time in isolation.

You’ve had quite a stellar music career so far, touring internationally and appearing on various shows like The X Factor and The Four. What would you say is the biggest, most important thing you’ve learnt in your career so far?

Funnily enough, staying alive. The artist’s path isn’t an easy one, in fact it may be one of the most turbulent roller coasters. In theme with ‘FFFree’, I mention throughout the song a lot of my conflicts being ‘“stuck it to the man just to ask him what he’s planned”, and “when you’re pulled in every direction, don’t let them take away your dimension”. All of that is in reference to my experience in the music industry. This is my anthem of independence and happiness and I think in terms of my career, I haven’t been as happy as I am now, completely in control and independent. Knowing yourself and the road to self-discovery as an artist is KEY.


Chemistry is key when writing songs. Are there any producers / writers that you’ve connected with on another level?

Matt Pauling who was the producer of this record and a lot of my other records coming is one of those producers I’ve worked with that completely blew my mind and allowed me to elevate to the best of my potential. We instantly connected and musically we churned out so many insanely great tunes and have now ended up with some of my best material. Not only did he bring the sonic quality I was after, but he also made me think bigger as a writer, asking questions, drawing things out of me. It was truly one of the best recording situations I’ve been in.

With the state of the world, touring musicians and artists have had far too much time on their hands. What have you kept yourself active and busy with in the meantime?

I’ve allowed myself to get ready for the music I want to release. To be able to plan things all the way out from final production notes to the visuals and artwork. Although I have missed going to shows and playing them. That was the suckiest part of lockdown, but otherwise it’s been a great pre-year-of-2022-release planning time.

You’ve kicked 2022 off with a bang and some new music, can you tease any forthcoming plans this year?

Hell yeah!! I have so much music I’m excited to share, so singles will be coming! I’m excited to grow as an artist tremendously this year and really become activated. Also playing my shows not only solo but with my full band will be fun and hopefully jumping on a couple of tours too!


Written by John Zebra