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Interview: Coterie Chat About Their Recent Release, ‘Good Morning’

Perth-based indie-pop quartet COTERIE have just revealed their feel-good new single ‘Good Morning’ – produced by Robby De Sa (MAY-A, Gretta Ray, Sahara Beck) at Ralph Street Studios, Alexandria NSW. We had a chat with them to find out more about the single!

Congratulations on the new release ‘Good Morning’! Can you tell us a bit about the lyrical themes?

‘Good Morning’ is a little nod to how people can be going through a hell of a time, even with the sun shining, drinks pouring and your mates are all around ya. But hopefully it also helps people see the power in lifting your head up, getting around the crew and smiling through the harder times! Life’s not always roses, but if we know that, why not at least try and have a good time anyway.

You’re all brothers in a musical family from New Zealand, living on the West Coast of Australia. What’s been your favourite musical memory as a group?

Āe, we are! Aotearoa & the West Coast are our homes and everyone from our whanau is connected to music in one way or another. Without being a super cheese ball, every time we play a show, and that crowd sings your songs back to you, nothing beats it!

Tell us a bit about your collaborations with Kelly Slater and Six60! How did these opportunities come around?

These are still hectic to us. Kelly slipped under the radar for a couple weeks there! He’d followed us, commented on a couple of acoustic sessions and shared our stuff around, but somehow, we didn’t know. It wasn’t until one of our mates who’d surfed with Kelly a few years back told us… mind blown. From there we sent him some merch, chatted every few days and teed up to learn a few moves from the GOAT.

Six60! This was pure fan power! We saw the boys were touring and well it’s every up & coming band dream to land a stadium support gig! Six60 are the biggest thing to come out of our Homeland, so we gave it a shot, sang one of their tunes and asked our fans to bombard them with our name, Coterie. The next thing we knew, they’d reached out and we were sitting in Six60’s lounge room in Auckland eating pizza & chicken wings. That’s all thanks to our legendary fans:

You have quite an impressive support resume, with your songs reaching far and wide both online and on the airwaves. Have there been any moments that have taken you by surprise when releasing such prosperous music?

All of it! From releasing our first single on triple j Unearthed and having it sit at #1 for nearly 2 months, to signing to a major record label and then now going independent & hoping to release mountains of music. It’s all ridiculous, wouldn’t change a thing.

What can fans expect from your upcoming West Coast tour? How imminent has it been to have Billy Bones Club on board?

We have a lot of new music, and we’re going to play it hard! It’s wavey, coasty and a little toasty, but you need to be there to know what we’re talking about! Billy Bones Club are one of our favourite brands with a killer presence in our scene, so this had us super stoked! Working on our single art with them was absolute gold!

Do you have any plans on the horizon after this tour?

100%! More music, sooner than later. More shows and more tours. New merch, new art and a truckload of festivals across Aus & NZ!



Written by John Zebra