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Interview: EAU ROUGE

eau rouge1

With the release of their music clip for Hunting Melodies and a forthcoming album not too far away, EAU ROUGE are the German band to keep your eyes and ears on! We chatted up with multi-instrumentalist Jonas Teryuco and drummer Magnus Frey to talk all things recording and touring.

Hunting Melodies was recorded and shot in a basement, did you guys stumble upon any interesting surprises during your hunt downstairs?

J: The basement where we shot the video is really old, probably about 500 years – it’s kind of an eerie feeling when you imagine all the things those walls have seen or heard before.

Was the entire album recorded in a basement or were there other quirky locations involved?

The drums were recorded in a basement since we were seeking a very specific sound to it. A lot of other parts were recorded in living rooms – very DIY-like.

With such an eclectic sound, what writing process works best for your band?

J: It either happens live, together in the rehearsal room or alone at home. If we record demos at home, we use a lot more synth and electronic sounds and pass those demos around. Then when we get back together in the practice space, we try to make our guitars sound as similar to the synth as possible. That’s why we need those huge pedal boards. So most of the time we have those two different versions of one song that we combine when we record them properly.

Does a lot of your forthcoming debut album stray on the darker side like Hunting Melodies? What can we expect?

M: It displays every part of the night. There are dark and gloomy sounds. And then you have songs for that violet red sphere of dusk. That feeling when it is about to go down. All shades of night – you can find them on this record.

 For a band that’s only three years into formation you have accomplished a great deal. Where do you think your debut album “Nocturnal Rapture” will take you?

M: I don’t know where it takes us. But I hope that it will take the listener to another place. To a place where he wishes to be. I believe that this sound can be a canvas for your hopes and dreams, for your emotions.

With your track Golden Nights featuring on TV Shows, what is it like to be soundtrack to “reality”?

J: I think it shows that our music carries over a lot of emotion. And that’s a great reward for me because these songs are emotional and we all pour our heart and soul into them. On the other hand, it’s questionable how much reality you really see on TV Shows.

Having toured through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, have your racked up any juicy tour stories?

J: Haha yes, we introduced the “douche of the day” which is awarded to the person who says or does the most stupid thing. Usually you have a pretty good chance to get nominated when you had too many drinks the night before!

But it’s not always fun. We just came back from London where they broke into our van and my bass amp, keyboard, interface and a projector got stolen! It was a great trip up until then. Now it will stay as one of the worst in out memory. Especially because we were shooting the next music video and have it all on camera!

Can we expect a trip to Australia any time soon?

M: With our trips to the US and England we have tasted blood. We can’t wait to get back out there again. And if there is any chance to come to Australia we would be so stoked.

Check out the music video for EAU ROUGE’s single Hunting Melodies below!