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Interview: ESTHER

ESTHER press 2016

New and reformed in 2016, ESTHER represents the comeback of 4-piece Audioshock, a lovechild of acts such as Placebo, Foals, The Editors, & Enter Shikari. We asked the quartet a few questions to find out why they changed names, the direction of their new project, and the inspiration behind their new single As One.

For the uninitiated, how would you describe ESTHER’s your music and live shows?

Emotional, electric, and a bit sweaty!

Can we expect more of the upbeat sounds heard on As One within your debut EP?

Definitely! You can expect that and also a taste of the rockier side of our music.

You changed your band name from Audioshock to ESTHER earlier this year, for those unaware of this could you explain what caused this change?

It was a big decision for us which we made over many a’ beer. After weighing out the pros and cons ultimately we felt it was time for something different. New members, new sound, new image!

You had your first gig as ESTHER in May, how was this experience compared to your previous gigs?

It was a great night! Didn’t expect such a great turnout for our first gig with a bunch of songs no one had heard. It was really nice to play a show in our hometown though, before setting sights further afield!

You have gotten shout outs from huge artists such as Chris Martin of Coldplay. Could you describe where you were when you found out about this and how did you celebrate?

To be shouted out by such a huge name is a massive privilege and certainly doesn’t come about often. I think the band where spread out at the time (it took some convincing over the phone that it had actually happened!), but when we got together we went for Italian food…and beers.

You have supported artists such as Steve Aoki in the past, how did it feel to support such a huge name?

To play such a huge stage was an amazing experience and gave us a taste of where we want to be!

According to Urban Dictionary, Esther is “the most beautiful, artistic, kind, loving, drunk Mongolian princess in the land”. Can you relate to this?

Ross our drummer is quite the princess, I’m sure he’d approve of that description!

Lastly, when in the future can we expect shows from you in Australia?

We would all love to make it as far as Australia in the future. If the music we write can take us there that would be a dream come true!