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Interview: Fangz

Following the release of their latest single ‘Falling Out’, Sydney-based punk band FANGZ have returned with its hectic accompanying video clip – directed by Joel McDonald and Reece Groganfrom Yeah Rad Creative. We had a chat with them to get behind what they’re all about.

‘Falling Out’ is soaked in sweat and energy from start to finish. Can you tell us what this song is about, and how did you come about writing it?
The original version of ‘Falling Out’ (then just known as Josh Song) wasn’t going to be on the EP but I (Jameel) was stubborn and wanted a five track EP.  Stevie Knight, our producer, said “well you don’t have any other songs unless there’s something else you’re hiding.” I pulled out an old demo of one of Josh’s acoustic songs and we “frankensteined” that with a chorus Sam had written to create ‘Falling Out’. 
The song is about turning a negative into a positive.  It follows the story of Josh leaving home in Nova Scotia, Canada, and illegally hitching a train to Toronto to start a better life playing in bands and following his dreams which eventually lead him to Sydney, Australia.

 You played your first show as a band on the 5th of April 2019, and that quickly snowballed into a persistent touring schedule. What was your favourite tour memory from the previous year, or favourite show for that matter?

The problem with touring is I never remember anything except the bad ones, so I’ll give you that. One night we played in Brisbane at Greaser but before the show we had a radio interview at 4ZZZ.  I bought a bottle of Jägermeister to sip during the interview. I managed to finish that bottle before we had loaded in, and by the time we took stage, I forgot the songs and blamed everyone else. The show ended with a fist fight, a broken bass and a lot of incoherent screaming that saw me quit the band.  After the show I went to Crowbar and ended up in the greenroom with Frenzal Rhomb who literally laughed at me and were like “it’s ok mate, your bands not breaking up, you were just too drunk to play.”  I felt like a very stupid child. The car ride the next day was a lot of apologising and awkward silence.

Who would you say your collective biggest influence has been? Who would FANGZ pair perfectly on a bill with?

Well I guess it lies between Cancer Bats or Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes.  Cancer Bats because Liam, their singer, literally told us to go start this band, and Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes because after seeing them, we named the band FANGZ. In terms of who we’d fit on a bill with, I’d say Meatloaf or Ja Rule.

How much money has Jameel spent on bass strings after ripping through them like spider webs after every show?

That’s a good question.  Put it this way if I stopped doing it, I could probably afford my rent and food instead of one or the other.

Who can drink the most on stage and still not make a mistake in the set?

HAHA. Not me obviously.  That would have to be Josh and it’s not because he doesn’t make mistakes, it’s because he just starts yelling incomprehensibly and everyone thinks he knows what he’s saying. ‘One For You One For Me’ has often become “I know a guy blah blah Steve”.

What does 2020 have in store for FANGZ?

2020. Well I can say we will be releasing music and touring until May with no real break or let up and then maybe a cheeky trip overseas. By the end of the year more touring if our minds aren’t mush and possibly a string endorsement?


Written by John Zebra