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Interview: Flyying Colours


Melbourne-based psych/shoegaze band Flyying Colours have had a pretty great run after their success both nationally and overseas. With a sound in the sonic terriroty of the Pixies and britrock, the four-piece group have produced two EPs and are about to release their debut album ‘Mindfullness’. We caught up with them ahead of the highly anticipated release and before they head on tour to the UK.

You guys recently wrapped up an Australian East Coast tour, what is your most exciting memory from your time on the road?

The exciting moments are generally on the stage. That’s the thing with touring, particularly in this country. Simply put, it’s a whole lot of nothing leading up to an hour of everything. We always make fun for ourselves wherever we go, whatever we are doing, which doesn’t really answer the question, I know. The whole experience is just exciting.

You recently performed in the UK and Spain, how did you find it playing to a foreign crowd?

It’s the same as at home in many ways, maybe overseas crowds are more animated? The only time it really registered for me was in Vienna, when halfway through a monologue of little relevance, I realised that the majority of the crowd had no idea what I was saying! That’s as a far as I got.

It looks like you guys had a bit of luggage trouble on your last venture overseas! Were there any other mishaps or did everything else run smoothly?

We have had a few small mishaps. I believe you are referencing our last Australian tour where my guitar disappeared between Melbourne and Sydney, only to reappear on the carousel once we arrived back home, weird AF!

Without giving away too much about the album, what was the thought process behind the new album title?

Mindfullness, in keeping with our theme of miss-spelling words, is a play on what the actual word means and how we were feeling coming into the record. When you plan for and obsess about something so much, in this case making this record, sometimes when you get to the point of bringing it to life, it’s difficult to be in the moment.

It’s difficult to put all pre conceived ideas of how it should be behind you. It’s like your head is full of so many different ways this exact moment could or should play out. It’s hard to just let it happen. You even find yourself thinking about thinking about it, and then somewhere in amongst all that, without realizing, the record’s done!

Your last EP ‘ROGBIV’ was so successful both in Australian and overseas, how different is it to your upcoming album or to your previous EPs?

It’s our first recording with our new lineup with Melanie on bass and Andy on drums, so that was an exciting change for us. I would say its maybe a little more organic. We took a bit longer making this record than we did the EPs. The songs were all written in the same period, so it doesn’t stray too far from our other tunes.

We love the different dynamics between your two new songs It’s Tomorrow Now and Long Holiday, can we expect to hear more contrast in your album?

Yes. I think that is something that naturally occurs within our band. On our ‘ROYGBIV’ EP, the contrast between Leaks and Running Late is just as big to me. I don’t think too much about it when writing, songs just come out naturally and then form themselves as we play them in the studio. I think It’s Tomorrow Now is the most intense track we have recorded, which is likely because of how excited we were to finally be recording the album.

We love the blurred digital visuals in your music video for It’s Tomorrow Now, what gave you the idea for the music video?

You would have to ask the amazing Thomas Russell about that. He always has great direction and vision, which up until the final point can be hard to follow, so it’s always a brilliant surprise to see the final product.

Lastly, it looks like you guys have a lot of fun with snapchat filters! Will we see any genius face swaps on your upcoming tour?

DEFINITELY. Zooming in on our faces in photos, face swaps and all the rest are a very important part of Flyying Colours.

Flyying Colours are set to release their album ‘Mindfullness’ on September 23. Get in quick and grab a ticket to the Rolling Stone Live Lodge Album Preview on September 21, but if you can’t make it, check out the new Flyying Colours single It’s Tomorrow Now below!

Rolling Stone Live Lodge – Flyying Colours Album Preview 

Wed 21 SEPT
The Workers Club, Melbourne

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