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Interview: Glitoris


Canberra group Glitoris are four women who are not afraid to be un-ladylike, assertive, and commanding through their roaring sweaty, passionate punk rock. With recent triple j plays for their debut single Disgrace, Glitoris has seen their powerful fanbase, ‘The GLITERATI’, grow and grow. We asked the quartet before they hit the road in support of their EP ‘The Disgrace’ about the origins of their music, how they’re fearlessly breaking down stereotypes, and what’s next for the band!

The EP’s title-track Disgrace is anthemic, fearless, and is undoubtedly powerful in lyrics and musicianship. What inspired the song?

Lyrically it represents the band and the struggles that we face as women that don’t conform to societal norms. It also represents the unique lexicon of words preserved for judging, criticising, and putting women back in their place.

Glitoris only formed as part of a Canberra protest festival, what has kept the band going since?

Politics, showbusiness, and The Gliterati of course!

The Glitoris band members’ pseudonyms were inspired by politicians, who did you all choose and why?

Tony, because he is ridiculous. Malcolm is a household name for penis a.k.a get some talcum on your Malcolm. Keven 007 is a wind-up merchant campaigning for fibre optic cocks, and Andrew….well just don’t go there.

Glitoris have received comparisons to Russia’s Pussy Riot left, right, centre! How has that felt?

We’re about music first, protest and politics second. Pussy Riot operate the other way round. The only reason we’re compared to them is because we’re women in the activist space. We respect what they do and what they’ve been through. Read their book!

What do you believe is the biggest issue females face in the music industry, and how can we start to overcome that?

Inequality crosses every industry. We are, in this band right now, experiencing gender discrimination. Less qualified men being employed on higher salaries. The gender pay gap remains a disgrace. Q Magazine just voted for the greatest five musical acts in the world today, and they’re all white men!

That is what’s wrong with the music industry. Not everyone’s voice is heard or taken seriously. Women are held to a much higher standard, while men can get away with sub par musicianship and performance. We need drastic action to change this. Women in Iceland protested the gender pay gap, which was 13 per cent, by leaving work 13 per cent early. How about we do that here? It’s 17 per cent here…we’ve got a long way to go but we’ll get there.

The reviews of the EP ‘The Disgrace’ have been received pretty well so far, how do you think the singles forerun the album?

Disgrace was the obvious first single because it represents the special lexicon reserved only for women, which is designed to criticise, judge and put women back in their place. Paradise is just a classic 2-minute punk number, which was written about an arrogant f*ckwit…

For those unacquainted with Glitoris, can you describe the scene at your live shows?

The Gliterati are amazing! We love our fans, they come dressed in glittery outfits, they shave the band name into their hair, they chuck glitter everywhere…it’s nuts! There’s no doubt this band is for marginalised people – women, minorities, the LGBTQI community. We’re not spokespeople, but if we have the effect of empowering people, or making people feel better about themselves, or more capable of taking on haters and bullsh*t, then we’ve done our job!

Lastly, this year has seen the band’s debut EP so where will 2017 take you?

Album. Japan. Festivals. Civil Action.

Glitoris ‘The Disgrace’ EP Tour

The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
Bar Open, Fitzroy
The Bearded Tit, Sydney
ANU Bar, Canberra

More Info HERE