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Interview: Graphic Nature Chat About Their Latest Single and Video, ‘White Noise’

British metal act Graphic Nature have just unveiled their ferocious new single ‘White Noise‘ and its accompanying music video. We recently had a chat with the band to find out more about the single.

Congratulations on the release of ‘White Noise’! Can you tell us about the context behind the song?

‘White Noise’ is a track about sensory overload. It’s something that many people get, especially those who are neurodivergent. The lyrics are about getting through those periods of complete overwhelming emotions.

How do you usually approach songwriting, and has that process changed over the last couple of years?  

Usually, Pete will write guitars with a rough drum track and send that over to us. Harvey will then write lyrics and demo the track from home, and then there’s a lot of back and forth with ideas between the whole band until we reach our goal! The process has remained the same for us post-lockdown. Nothing stops us.

With gigs back in full swing, do you have any plans for upcoming shows?

We’ve just been out with Cancer Bats and Witch Fever for 16 days which was a hell of a lot of fun. We have a few one-off shows coming up this year!

Outside music, what are some things that you are all passionate advocates for? Or just enjoy doing it in general?

A few of us love our movies and gaming. Pete makes music videos for bands.

What songs would you say have the greatest connection with your audience, especially on a live scale?

‘Leech’, ‘new skin’, ‘into the dark’, ‘drain’! So many songs hit everyone differently depending on what they’re going through at that time. But there’s something for everyone at a live show.

Can you give us any hints for what’s on the horizon for Graphic Nature?

More music, more tours, more Graphic Nature.


Written by John Zebra