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Interview: Heartline Chat About Their Latest Single, ‘Delorean’

Tarndanya/Adelaide-based metalcore group Heartline have revealed their colossal new single ‘DELOREAN’ – produced by Sam Trott, mixed and mastered by Nick Sjogren (Thornhill). We recently sat down with the band to find out more about the new single.

‘DELOREAN’ is a fierce new offering! Can you tell us a bit about how this song came about and what it means?

‘DELOREAN’ has really marked the end of quite a difficult time for Heartline. As many bands experienced, COVID put an obstacle in front of us that we all struggled to overcome in different ways. Finally starting to dive headfirst into working on this track is what began to pull us out of our ‘slump’! DELOREAN is (surprise!) about wanting to find a time machine, expressing the longing to go back and prevent COVID from ever happening.

How has it been for you since joining Destroy All Lines? What have been some major positives?

Oh wow! Destroy All Lines, in particular Jayden Roy, has given us numerous incredible opportunities and experiences! Playing with not only our first international band, but one we all loved and had listened to for years – Holding Absence. It’s thanks to Jayden and Destroy All Lines that we are embarking on our first national tour with Circles! We really feel as though we’re part of a strong team and we’re so grateful for the work that is put in. It really makes us want to push ourselves harder and harder so we can make the most of the opportunities we’re presented with.

How did you come up with the visual video aesthetics for this song?

Our bassist Nevenko oversaw the visual direction for this song! We wanted to stick with retro future themes and keep the colour ‘blue’ consistent throughout this campaign. Nevenko wanted to keep a future grunge style throughout the music video, throwing the viewer through a visualised time vortex. “I was really inspired by Jack Henry’s photo series on Robert Pattinson for the global print cover of GQ. I would say this inspired the whole visual style of this campaign. Our photographer Jacob Bourne captured the vision perfectly for all our press shots!” – Nevenko

Personalities are very important in today’s music scene; how do you hope people perceive Heartline and how do you hope to present yourselves?

When we started off, we went in trying to look a bit edgy and mysterious but in retrospect we feel we weren’t being true to ourselves. Going forward we want to be transparent with who we are and reveal our fun, spirited personalities while still holding a professional foundation.

Have you received any enduring advice from heroes or friends that have stuck with you to this very day?

At the Adelaide show of Void of Vision’s ‘Into the Dark’ Tour, Luke had the privilege of talking with Lucas Woodland of Holding Absence! Naturally he had to get some tips. The big, main piece of advice was to just practice. Practice, practice, practice. Now I know that’s no great secret but honestly, I found it super inspiring. No secret formula, no shortcuts, just good old practice! 

With 2022 being a time of resurgence, do you have any plans you can tease us for the latter half of the year?

Well… we’re working with a musician from a very established band that has inspired us since the beginning of Heartline. Shhh!

Written by John Zebra