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Interview: Hotel Decor Chats About His New EP, ‘Could It Take Me Any Longer’

Over the last few months Canadian artist Hotel Decor has given us two very awesome singles -‘All The Rage’ & ‘Could It Take Me Any Longer’ –while also making promise of his debut ep coming our way very soon -and lucky for us, soon is now! We sat down with Hotel Decor to find out a little more about the writing process, influences and more!

Congrats on the release of Could It Take Me Any Longer. How does it feel to have it out in the world?

Thank you! It feels great, I’m really happy it’s finally out there. It was a little nerve racking at first, but now it’s definitely a relief.

Tell us about the process of writing and recording the debut EP?

I wrote and recorded the entire thing over the course of about a year. The instrumentals were pretty quick to write, it was mostly the vocals that took forever. I usually do instrumental first and then do vocals. Usually after vocals everything gets re structured. Currently I find writing vocals to be a lot easier to an instrumental.

Where did you do most of the writing?

I did most of the writing in my room. The instrumentals for ‘All The Rage’ and ‘I Can’t Even Remember’ were written in my studio almost 2 years ago now which is crazy to think about. Due to COVID myself and my studio partner/engineer moved back to our homes to work, so it was definitely going back to basics. Before moving into my studio in 2019 I had been a bedroom studio guy since I was 14, so it was definitely a familiar switch.

Who would you say were the biggest influences during the creation of Hotel Decor Music and the EP?

Recently I’ve been listening to a bunch of different stuff. I try not to listen to too much music when I’m writing though. To name a few artists, Ultimate Spinach, Conan Mockasin and some Alice Coltrane.

What changed in your writing process and the change of direction from your previous work as NVY to Hotel Decor? Can you pinpoint the moment?

I think the biggest change was getting bored of working in the box all the time. I still really like producing and working in Ableton or Cubase. I just try and do a lot of the writing on guitar or make everything as live as possible. I think it also has to do with the fact that I don’t really listen to the kind of music I used to make anymore. Not because I think it’s bad or anything, I just think I’ve outgrown it.

Is there room to still release music as NVY?

Not currently. I feel pretty committed to my current project and I’m really just putting in everything on this one. So for now it’s exclusively Hotel Decor.

What is the plans for the remainder of 2021?

I’m right back in the swing of things working on new music and hoping to start releasing more soon!


Written by Chris Lamaro