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Interview: Indigo Blaze Chat About Their Latest Single, ‘Critical Hit’

Boorloo/Perth-based nu metal band Indigo Blaze have just revealed their new single ‘CRITICAL HIT‘ – produced and mixed by Matt Templeman (Make Them SufferVoyagerSly Withers). We recently caught up with the band to find out more about the new single, future goals and more!

Congrats on releasing ‘CRITICAL HIT’! What was the spark for this release?

Cheers! ‘CRITICAL HIT’ was us fully embracing the nu-metal influence; we had previously dabbled on past tracks but had held back the throttle. This one was all out! Levi came to us with the track and straight away we had our heads bangin’ and giving each other the ‘look’. You know what we mean.

‘CRITICAL HIT’ is a sick title. What’s the story behind the name and lyrics?

You may have caught the lyrics have a number of gaming references included and we thought it would tie in to have a track name associated as well. With the track being a bit more hot and heavy, it got us thinking about the multiplayer fighter games we played as kids and when CRITICAL HIT flashed you knew it was over. It’s always something we tend to struggle with naming our tracks, but this one rolled off the tongue nicely.

Who do you have in mind when you make your music? Is there a particular audience you feel your music relates to most?

Having been making tunes for an extended period, you can get caught up in writing something for someone specifically or to a certain audience. For us, and especially with this track, we wrote it for ourselves. We’re all blue-collar lads going to work every day and dealing many of the same things that a lot of other people do. We wanted to write something that got us pumped up and, in turn, would pump up all the other people out there grinding away on-site or are sick of their boss in the office and need a lift.

Who are your favourite bands to play a show with?

Perth has an outrageous amount of talent that the rest of Aus should give a suss; Ratsalad are a sick punk trio from Geraldton who are an absolute riot! They just signed with Pee Records too. Our main boys, Late 90s, who we collaborated with on our last single, UNBOUND, are in the studio recording the follow-up to their huge debut EP. They’re just starting to hit the East Coast now and put on a killer show. Make sure you check them out!

What are your live goals for the rest of 2024?

We’re looking to step up our shows going into the back half of 2024, putting on a big one at Amplifier Bar in Perth is next on the list followed by a nice regional WA run. Country towns are always a ripper crowd keen to party and being the Blaze we love to oblige…

Written by John Zebra