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Interview: Jake Webb of ‘Methyl Ethel’


Off the back of the release of debut album ‘Oh Inhuman Spectacle’ and a hectic touring schedule, Perth’s Methyl Ethel are carving an almighty path in the indie – pop scene. With the hugely anticipated St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival fast approaching, we chatted with frontman Jake Webb about all things Methyl Ethel.

Last year was pretty big for Methyl Ethel, when it came time to ring in the new year, did you have any ridiculous new years resolutions? Have you broken any?

Nah nothing too ridiculous, I haven’t broken any yet. I’ve gone to a pescatarian diet so I don’t eat any meat, so that’s one thing (laughs).

Well with such a mental last year, with the release of ‘Oh Inhuman Spectacle’ and what seemed like endless touring, what does the new year hold for you guys?

Umm, I think a lot more touring and working on another album, which is what I’m doing at the moment.

On that, I know you solely wrote the original EP’s and then for the album you wrote with the band. Will we see a similar vibe in upcoming work or will we see a throwback to the EP style of writing? 

I didn’t actually get the band in for the album, I just played it and recorded it all myself. I haven’t really changed the way that I’ve done it. I pretty much just go away and write and record it all and then the band are sort of purely a live thing. I’ve pretty much finished it already, finished writing it anyway. It’s been nice to have time over the summer to get away and get a lot done. Cause we’ve been away (touring), it was good to be able to get a good start at it.

Well keeping on the topic, your debut album has had a massive reception since its release, now it’s had time to really sink in, what have the reactions been like when you play new songs live? Particularly fan favourites like Twilight Driving?

It’s weird! It’s weird that people have heard the songs and it’s weird that they know the lyrics!

What can punters expect if they catch Methyl’s Ethel’s set at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival?

They can expect 3 of us there, playing guitars and drums and we’ll play mainly songs off the album. They’ll have to expect to slip, slop and slap cause I’m sure the sun will definitely be shining down as we play (laughs)…these are many of the things they can expect.

And obviously after Laneway wraps up you guys head off to the US and UK for a festival run, huge opportunity for you guys…. 

Yeah it’ll be good fun! It’ll be nice to see a lot of new cities, we’re all pretty excited for it!

I read somewhere that you guys have been called the ‘new’ Tame Impala. How do you take such a title? Is it something you relish? 

I don’t think we are anything like Tame Impala to be honest. But I don’t know, people will say what they say, if they don’t say Tame Impala they’ll say someone else.

Well Jake, I won’t keep you much longer, just one last question! When can we expect to hear new music from Methyl Ethel?

Hopefully something by the end of the year. I’m hoping to get it all done pretty soon, but I’d love to have something out by the end of the year, that would be ideal.

Thanks so much for your time man. Have a good one.

Thanks, you too!

Methyl Ethel Live At St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival

Adelaide – Lionflour Stage 12:55pm – 1:35pm

Brisbane – Mistletone Stage 2:00pm – 2:40pm

Fremantle – Ferris Wheel Stage 12:40pm – 1:20pm

Melbourne – The Very West Stage 12:55pm – 1:40pm

SUN 14 Feb
Sydney – Garden Stage 12:00pm – 12:40pm

Written by Sam Muggleton