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Interview: Jordan Briton Chats About His New Single, ‘make it so easy feat. Juno’

Meanjin/Brisbane-based R&B/soul artist Jordan Briton has unveiled his immersive new single ‘make it so easy‘ feat. JUNO – produced by the artist himself and JUNO’s Sam Woods. We caught up with Jordan to find out more about the new track.

Congratulations on the release of your latest track ‘make it so easy’ feat. JUNO! How does it feel to finally have the song out?

It’s satisfying to finally put all the pieces together for this latest release. I’ve been proud of all music I’ve put out so far, but this song in particular, I feel best represents my artistry thus far and where my music is stylistically headed.

How did the songwriting process start for this one?

Initially, I wrote this demo in my home studio. I came across this underwater piano sample that I thought was really cool, layered some guitar and then recorded the chorus melody on top (“you make it so easy”). That’s all I had. It wasn’t until I met up with Sam and Kahlia (from JUNO) later on, that’s when I showed them what I was working on – they loved my sound and it all sparked from there.

When transitioning the song from the writing stage to production – what are some things that help you make sure you’re getting the right sound for the song?

Instinct is what drives every creative decision I make along the way. I listen to my gut and what sounds are getting me excited when I record a new idea. Sometimes I’ll record something that sounds really cool, listen back and realise ‘NOPE, that’s not it’. Experimentation is key and it’s even better when you’re in a room of trusted people who give you the encouragement and freedom to play around until you find the right sounds that serve the song.

How did you first meet JUNO and what’s advice you can give when collaborating with other artists?

I first met Kahlia (songwriter + lead singer of JUNO) through our mutual friend Dan Lewis – shout out to his band Lucid Safari! A bit later on, Kahlia invited me to collab at their home studio and that’s where I met Sam (producer and bass player, JUNO). We traded ideas and my demo ‘make it so easy’ crossed the table; they loved the melodies and groove, so we got to work.

When collaborating with other artists, leave your ego at the door. Be kind and be open to their ideas and see where it leads the musical discussion. Figure out each other’s creative strengths and lean into them.

What are your plans to finish off 2023?

With only a couple months left in 2023, I plan to ride the wave of my latest release into the new year. JUNO and I have produced a lot of content for ‘make it so easy’ and I want to push our campaign as much as I can. My 2024 vision includes: branding new ‘Jordan Briton’ merchandise to hit my online store, wrapping up my debut EP in the studio and crafting a new live show to bring on tour.

‘make it so easy’ feat. JUNO is available worldwide now.

Written by John Zebra