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Interview: Jordy Burns Chat About Her Recent Single, ‘Walls’

Eora/Sydney-based singer/multi-instrumentalist Jordy Burns recently revealed her captivating debut single ‘Walls‘ – produced by Luke Clark and mixed by Trent Dobson. We caught up with Jordy to find out more about the single, inspirations and more!

What is the story behind Walls?

‘Walls‘ was the result of a whiplash relationship I had a few years ago. I was nervous to open my heart up to someone new after healing from my first great heartbreak. She was hesitant, too, but at some point, she told me to let down my guard to let her in; she was ready for this. So I did, fully and completely. All too quickly, hesitation set in from her side, and we started a back-and-forth in what felt like a game with my heart. It felt like it was all on her terms, but I was so invested that I was willing to wait for her to figure her heart out. I learnt to despise the feeling of hope that one day wed stop the game and Id know where I stood. While writing this song, I realised we were never getting off the ride, no matter how much I hoped. I also realised that loving someone harder wouldn’t help them heal their own heart. 

How much of your personal life or emotions do you typically incorporate into your music?

A fair bit. It took me years to share my writing with anyone. My songs felt too personal, too sacred to show to anyone else. Ive always been very introverted with my emotions; even now, I struggle to express what Im feeling and often dont know what I think to be able to externalise it. I wasn’t ready to open my art up to criticism for a long time because I knew it meant being vulnerable and allowing my vulnerability to be judged. I still remember the first time I showed my music to my band at the time and was overcome by anxiety. At that moment, I realised it wasnt about me anymore. As soon as the song was out of me, it took on a life of its own, for anyone to use (or not) as they needed to. That was such a relief. Now, with a song like Walls that is so purely a moment of pain and truth and vulnerability and self-realisation, I feel calm sharing it. My lyrics are so closely personal and linked to my story but also now take on a life of their own as a song for anyone who wants a part of it. 

Is there a particular lyric or moment in the song that holds significance to you?

Im really proud of the lyrics in this song; for me, it was a turning point in my writing. If I had to choose a lyric, it would be I played the fool, I gave you mine”. I think the essence of this song can be expressed in this line about giving someone my time, my heart, my whole self only to be let down again. Everything felt like it was a game for them and I was the one who got played. 

Who are some of your musical influences and are there any that contributed to the creation of this single?

Ive spent years listening to so many artists from different walks of life who Im sure have indirectly impacted my music style: Elton John, Nora Jones, Phil Collins and ELO, to name a few from my childhood. As I started seeking out more contemporary artists as a teen, I was drawn to artists like P!nk, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Something I think is interesting is that I was completely out of touch with the pop music scene for a long time due to my obsession with Musicals. It’s a flavour youd think would have impacted my writing more but I dont think it has. Now, back in the thick of it, I listen to artists like Leon, MUNA, Lewis Capaldi and Sam Smith. One artist who inspires my writing, and particularly this single, is Adele. I love the simple yet highly affected piano arpeggiations with some kind of subtle drum and bass with a powerhouse pop ballad vocal to round it out. 

What do you hope listeners will take away from Walls?

I love it when I hear a song that I can connect with. When the lyrics and the music take me somewhere that helps me to express myself in a way I couldnt on my own. I hope that ‘Walls‘ can do that for people in some way.

Written by John Zebra