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Interview: Juno Chat About Their Latest Offering, ‘Come Thru’

Meanjin/Brisbane-based alternative pop duo JUNO have just revealed their elegant new single ‘come thru‘ – produced by Taka Perry (SyccoA.GIRLCODY JON) and band member Sam Woods. We caught up with the duo to find out more about the new single. 

Congratulations on the single release! How does it feel getting the track out in the world?

It feels like we’ve been holding our breath for a year and can FINALLY let it out. We haven’t released any new music in over a year. I’m glad we sat on this new stuff for a while and made sure we really knew who we were before releasing, but my god it feels amazing knowing this song is about to be out there.

What is the story behind the track?

So basically, I had come to the end of a (REALLY BAD) two-year relationship, and I started hitting it off with this new person way quicker than I expected to. After two years of basically dragging this other relationship along, I was straight up with this new person. I basically told them that if they’re not going to show up, be there and give as much as I do to this relationship, I’m out. ‘come thru’ is about having standards and being like, if you’re in, I’m in too, but you’ve gotta commit.

If listeners wanted to hear the track live, where’s the best place for them to catch you both?

We’re currently on tour! You can catch us around Melbourne at God’s Bandroom April 6, Stay Gold with Loose Bricks April 7, The Setts in Mildura April 8, then heading to Canberra at The Front April 14, and supporting Pacific Avenue at Sydney’s Lady Hampshire April 15. Beyond keen to hit the road.

Also here is our cool tour poster: click here

You have shared the stage with some incredible acts such as Peking Duk, The Delta Riggs and more! What has been your favorite live performance memory to date?

Ooh that’s tricky. We recently played Super Fun Day (Dune Rats, Pale Waves, Ruby Fields) and because we were one of the first bands of the festival, we didn’t really expect many people to show up for our set. But they did and it was bloody fun. We had a blast. Supporting Peking Duk at the Tivoli was also a big highlight. We were the first act on, and it was already completely packed. The crowd was nuts!

What can fans expect to see in your live shows?

High energy. We dance and kick and jump and tumble around and all the things. Lots of funky alt-pop hooks and grooves. Everyone we play with is also a really frickin good friend, so the on-stage banter is super fun, and we try and interact with the crowd as much as we can. Lots of singing back and forth, dancing, and messing around. We look like we’re having fun because we are.

Any last words you’d like to leave readers with?

If you’ve never heard of JUNO before, take a leap of faith and check out our song ‘come thru’ on Spotify and/or come out to a show for a drink and a dance. I promise you’ll have a bloody good time with us.

Written by John Zebra