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Interview: L. FLora Talk About Their New EP, ‘Heavenly’ And More!

Brisbane neo-soul indie outfit L. FLora recently released their brand new EP, Heavenly. It’s 6-tracks of uplifting vibes that sees the band take their sound to a higher level. Heavenly features the single, Poison Ivy which they released only a month ago in February. We sat down with the band for a chat to get to know them a little better and find out more about their influences, the meaning behind the EP, the Brisbane music scene and more!

Congrats on the new EP ‘Heavenly’, we are loving it here. Can you tell us about where the idea for the title came from and what the EP as a whole is about?

We were excited to get back in the studio and hone in our sound as a band. We had so many influences through our first album we wanted to really find ourselves as a band through our big release. Lyrically, we wanted to write an uplifting song that didn’t get too corny in the lyrics but really share how much we loved and adored those in our lives. Heavenly was the first song we wrote on the EP and it set a trend for the rest of the EP. ‘Heavenly’ is about a sense of belonging and home we find in those around us.

How did you as a band approach writing these tracks on the EP? Did you have a final product or sound in mind or did you let the creative process lead the direction?

We knew we were going for an EP as our next release so as we wrote new ideas we considered them against the other songs and thought about what kind of song we also wanted to include on the EP. We wanted some funky aspects, we wanted soul, we wanted to pop. So we started with a feeling then wrote to that. But some days we just had an idea come to us and we would just go with it. Can’t control the creative process too much with this sort of thing.

How do you think you’ve developed as a band since your debut self-titled album which was released in 2018? Is L. Flora’s sound and style different and what has the band learnt since that release?

Definitely. We are just better songwriters now. We also can tell when we aren’t moving anywhere with a song and learnt to be more patient as writers. Some of our songs, we hit roadblocks. Leave it for a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months. Then we return when we feel it’s ready to evolve again. Our debut is a mixed bag of styles we all enjoyed but this EP really leans into the vibe we wanted to establish ourselves in as a band.

There is clearly a lot of musical talent happening in this band. What are the musical backgrounds of each member?

We’ve all been playing since a young age. Justin, Mick and Toby use to play in a math rock band for years.  That’s how they became so flipping tight. It’s amazing to watch them jam together. They just pick up on each other so well. I (millie) have been songwriting since I was young and just doing solo stuff around Brisbane. But so lovely to be writing with these boys. They definitely challenge me as a writer.

Who are the bands biggest influences and why?

Our biggest influences are Little Dragon, Hiatus Kaiyote and 30/70. Hiatus and 30/70 have big jazz influences on us. All being untrained jazz musicians but big appreciators of the world, they really push us to be creative in our songwriting. Little Dragon just has such power.  Kills us every time. Their performance as a band is always mind-blowing. Every band member has such a massive contribution to the sound and they just make it flow so beautifully. It’s awesome to aspire to them.

If L. Flora could support any artist or band (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

oooft. Little Dragon, Solange, Jordan Rakei, Robert Glasper. John Coltrane, Nina Simone, Can’t name one. How could you possibly in this world? They would all be amazing.

Brisbane has such a flourishing music scene. What artists/bands are you loving and recommend us to check out?

We big fans of Pink Matter, Tiana Khasi, Lilleth, Sammm, Squidgenini, Full Flower Moon Band. Heaps. Hell. Brisbane has some dang goodies.

Now that your EP is out, what else can we expect to see from you in the near future and throughout 2021?


Written by Chris Lamaro