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Interview: Larsen Chat About Their Latest EP, ‘Second Wind’

Adelaide rock outfit Larsen recently unveiled their brand new EP, Second Wind. We sat down with the four piece to find out more about the release, writing process favourite band memories and more!!

We are loving your new EP ‘Second Wind’ – congrats on getting it out! Tell us what the EP release means to you and what you wish people to get out of it. 

Thanks a lot! Honestly it means a lot to us. It’s definitely representative of the journey our band has taken in a musical sense. We view it as the most mature and refined version of our music we’ve ever put out to date, so basically we just hope that comes across to fans and listeners!

‘Second Wind’ feels really cohesive – is there a story or narrative behind the EP and what is it about? 

There isn’t an overarching story thread or direction across the whole release, no. Thematically each song is different from the other. However, we did want to blend each song sonically in the studio, so the first three songs blend into one another, and the last two do the same. We figured this would help encourage people to listen to the whole EP front to back, as our experience has told us that people don’t really have the patience for an extended release these days. We’re glad you think it’s cohesive, though! That kind of reinforces that our sound has solidified with this release.

From writing a song to putting the final touches on it in post-production, what is the process like and how do each of you contribute?

Our process has always been super democratic, right from the very beginning. No song gets to the point of getting recorded and released without everyone being keen on it, or at the very least, compromising and trusting the other members that they’re seeing something someone maybe isn’t. Sometimes a member might bring a riff that we jam on at rehearsal, which then becomes something more expanded and fleshed out. Sometimes a member might bring a fully written and structured song to the table and we’ll work on it and change and adapt things until it’s really something that has been born out of collaboration with all of us. Even lyrically, while there are two main lyricists in the band, everything is run past each member, in case there’s a line they might not like or think could be better. Ultimately it probably takes way longer to create music together, but it means we get the absolute best result out of a song.

As you’ve been doing this for some time now, do you have any tips for other bands looking at starting out?

Your live product is absolutely key. That’s where the majority of your band’s financial return comes from (at least when gigs can still happen. Curse you, COVID!) You can polish a recording in the studio using the technology available to the point where it’s perfect and slick. But if you can’t replicate it live with a tight and rehearsed performance, there’s really no point to doing this. Playing live is the BEST, but you have to be good at it. Practice as a band as often as you can, the rest will come from being a tight unit.

What are some of your favourite memories as a band (on tour, recording, etc)?

Well recently we played a couple of shows in Tassie with our mates The Sleepyheads. They looked after us and put on the best interstate shows we’ve played to date, and one of the best gigs we’ve played in general. Honestly that’s been such a huge part of this journey, the friends we’ve made through being in this band. We recorded the EP songs in January this year, and that process was just so silky smooth. We were prepared like we’d never been before, and everything just fell into place, leading to the slick production you hear on the EP. Joe Cheek and particularly Lachy Pitcher knocked it out of the park on this one.

The live music scene in Adelaide is absolutely incredible. Who are some acts that you are loving?

You are spot on about that! To name a few? Agapanther, Paper Sunsets, NO NO NO NO NO, Chelsea Manor, Bitchspawn, Nocturnal Animals, Wolf & Chain, Down & Out, Sports Car, Lickity Split, Pelvis. There are literally SO MANY good bands in Adelaide

Now with your EP out, what’s next for Larsen?

Honestly? Besides the EP launch later in the year, who knows? We’re all busy adults with other lives and all that stuff, and we’ve been so focused on this EP we haven’t written anything new in ages. Whatever will be, will be I guess!


Second Wind is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra