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Interview: liveconformdie Chat About Their Latest EP and Upcoming Tour

liveconformdie have just released their second EP titled Vol. II: Music For Living Failures in early August following the huge success of singles Terrorwave and Help Yourself. The EP pertains to all things ‘change.’ Veering into many different styles and influences there is easily something for every metal lover on this release.

The Perth metal hybrids are innovative and eccentric in the best way possible, true frontrunners of the alternative space and are DIY to the core.

How would you describe yourselves as a band and your sound?

We’re pretty easy to throw straight in the “nu-metal revival” or “nu-metalcore” brackets but we don’t like to stick to one genre entirely. Our sound converges from many different directions. Our fans affectionately call it “Nü-Shit” – a term we hold close to our hearts.

What was the main concept and inspiration behind ‘Vol II: Music For Living Failures’?

Change. Each song details a shift from one lifestyle or mindset to another, whether it be desired or not. Fetish describes a bored blue collar worker dreaming of breaking bad and then following through with it. Big Homie is about moving into new friend groups. Nü Life is about cult brainwashing. You get the jist…

What was the writing and recording process like for this EP?

Long, time consuming, stressful, and scarcely rewarding. We might not do it again.

If you could trade places with another artist who would it be?

Slipknot from 1999.

Most underrated song you’ve written?

Gaslight Sunset.

With the tour coming up with Dropout Kings and your EP launch show, what can we expect from one of your live sets?

Being out of the circus for a hot minute has given us time to upgrade our rigs and double down on our sound and performance. Come down to a show – you are in for a treat.

liveconformdie will be on tour with Dropout Kings and Earth Caller in Oct/Nov this year, all info here:

27th  October / Woolly Mammoth Brisbane

30th October / Crowbar Sydney

31st October / Newy Hotel Newcastle

2nd November / The Basement Canberra

3rd November / Stay Gold Melbourne

4th November / Enigma Bar Adelaide

Written by Ash Wallace