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Interview: Loretta Chat About Their Latest Single, ‘Dad’s Mercedes’

Eora/Sydney-based indie-pop trio Loretta have just revealed East Coast tour dates and their stunning new single ‘Dad’s Mercedes’ – produced by band member Nico Scali (Guitar/Keys), mixed by Jarryd Shuker (Hein Cooper, Art of Sleeping, Future Jr.) and mastered by Steve Smart (Flume, Ocean Alley, Empire of the Sun).   Today we caught up with the trio to find out more about the single.

Congratulations on the new single! It’s an absolute banger. Tell us a bit about how that single was created, from the writing to the production.

We wrote this song a few months ago with our mates (and brothers) Dre and Adrien Nookadu while we were over in Manchester for a writing trip. We wanted to write something youthful and energetic. Something that just wants to make you let go of everything. When we got back to Sydney, we started fleshing out the production and it became more and more likely that we were going to release it. It took longer than we expected and took a few turns (I think we had about 18 versions of it before we were fully happy).


What do you think has developed/changed from this single, to the previous tracks you have had released?

This song is probably the closest to our earlier releases, that our music has been in a while. We wanted to write something with lots of energy so we focused on making it feel almost like it would live. Thematically, the narrative is almost like a glance from the past – you’re looking back on a specific time in your life; whereas some of our prior music was more present with how we were feeling at the time (especially when we were releasing during COVID/lockdowns).

A tour is just around the corner for you! Tell us about the tour and what we can expect from your live shows?

A lot of energy. Not going to give away too much. You’ll just have to come see us 🙂


Travelling to the UK I can imagine for that writing trip would have been an incredible experience! How was travelling as a band in the UK, and about the creatives you collaborated with on the track?

It was a lot of fun. We’d never been overseas together, and it was also all of our first trips out of Australia since COVID started. We maybe had a bit too much fun but we really loved it. Dre and Adrien are insane songwriters. We teed up with them about a year or two ago when they were visiting Aus and  did some writing with them. We clicked so well together that it was enough for us to make the trip over to them this time, and we were so glad we did it!


Absolutely loving the music video to the track, can you tell me a bit about how the process was like creating the video?

Oh man… We had the idea to shoot a basic video in a studio setting – performance based and just raw with a lot of energy. Then the idea was to take certain parts of the video, print it out onto paper (frame by frame) and then draw on each image to create an animation. Then we had to scan every frame back in (all 920 pieces of paper) and chop it together.


What can we expect from ‘Loretta’ in 2023?

More. Bigger. Better

Written by John Zebra