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Interview: Natalie Foster from ‘Tully on Tully’


Melbournian 5-piece Tully on Tully have been flexing their chameleon muscle of late. With a shift in sounds, an EP on the way, and a national tour to boot, this band is prepping for a big 2016. We chatted to frontlady Natalie Foster about their new EP, the glory that is Golden Gaytimes, and why Adelaide beers are just so darn confusing.

The new EP is set for release in May, how does it feel to be releasing it?

Pretty good actually, it’s been a long time coming! We’ve been working really hard over the last 18 months to get it all out and recorded and to get it ready to release. We did a crowdfunding campaign to get our money to fund it and we’re super stoked to be about to send them out.

Well it sounds like you’re all ready to go, what do you think you have achieved with this release?

I think we’ve really developed our sound. We’ve really worked on that. We’ve been really focussing on a more sort of 80s inspired sound than what we’ve previously done. We’re really trying to do things that we enjoy listening to as well. So I think we’ve achieved that, in that respect.

Yeah, listening to the tracks that you’ve brought out so far there’s a definite rock ‘n’roll undertone, was that intentional or something that you as a band stumbled upon?

I think it came about from not thinking about things too much. We all have a bit of a punk background and I just think it’s a lot of fun and joy and minimal stress. We kind of got to a place where we can do what we want.

Do you all have a diverse approach to music?

I think we all definitely have a different approach to music individually, but when we all get together it just works in a way that gets everybody going.

Have you ever been surprised by anyone’s taste?

No, not really. There’s never been that kind of surprise. Although when Greg and I first started hanging out about six or seven years ago we both found out we had a love for Brand New. It was a definite bonding moment. He would stay at my house on the spare couches and bring his guitar and we would listen to Brand New songs.

It sounds like a great moment! Now, your music video for Honestly was a part of the ‘Around the World in 80 Music Videos’ Project, how was that whole experience?

It was really, really amazing! These two guys came in and they were just the most creative people that I have ever really come across. And we had one meeting to develop the concept and they were just so open to ideas and really just followed them through, and we filmed it all and I think it went really well.

Yeah, how long did it take to get all those shots? Because there are a lot…

Umm, five hours? We did stop and have dinner along the way!

Was it your idea to eat the Golden Gaytime?

That’s a good question! It was my idea to choose the Golden Gaytime over any other ice cream! I’m not sure, I think that was just one of the things that just popped up when we were discussing the clip and we just developed this whole idea that people would keep popping up throughout the video and I’d eat an ice cream in it.

So it was definitely Golden Gaytime, no other contenders like Bubble-o-Bill?

No, 100% gaytime. If I’m going to eat an ice cream, it’s going to be a Golden Gaytime!

Awesome choice. You’ve just started your tour, how has that been so far?

Really good! We’ve only done two shows so far. We just did one in Adelaide which was really good. But we have Ballarat this weekend which is my hometown.

Playing a hometown set, is that more nerve-wracking or less nerve-wracking?

I think potentially more nerve wracking because I haven’t really spent a lot of time there over the last eight or nine years. I also involves a lot of calling on favours of people when you don’t actually know if they live there anymore.

So according to your Facebook you had some confusion whilst in an Adelaide pub?

Oh the beers? Yeah, oh my god. So much confusion. In Melbourne a pot is 385 … or maybe 285. Yeah, 285ml and you’ve got a schooner which is 400-and-something ml and then you’ve got a pint which is 580ml. But then you go to Adelaide and you ask for a schooner and you get a pot size and then you ask for a pint and get a schooner size! It makes no sense.

Oh dear! Well, is there anything over the next few months or within the year that you’re looking forward to?

Well, obviously this EP release is what we’re focussing on right now. We’re hoping to release another couple of songs by the end of the year. Yet to right them. But yeah, we’re excited to get back into the writing stage, it’s definitely one of our favourite parts.

Do you write cohesively?

Yeah, we all get into a room and go from there. Someone will start paying a chord progression or a lick or something and we’ll build it up and develop it into a song.

So very old school jam session?

Yeah, it used to be different. It used to be that someone would write a solo idea and then bring it to the band. But we’ve really changed how we do it all now. We’re much more together.

How did that change come about?

I think it just occurred from time I guess. When we did it individually, everyone would have to add their parts and change parts and things like that. It was always just more rewarding when everyone’s writing their own parts from the beginning.

Is there a moment when you know you have ‘the song’ so to speak?

It’s a really hard thing with that because every time we write a new song we feel that. Like, “yeah this song is so good, this the next one” but then we’ll write another one a week later and it’ll be all “no, this is the song!” So it becomes really hard. We have to go back after writing all of them and figure out which one really sticks.

Tully on Tully ‘Miles Away’ Tour Dates

Mynt Lounge, Werribee
Bar On The Hill, University of Newcastle, Newcastle
Oxford Art Factory, Gallery Bar, Sydney
Transit Bar, Canberra

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