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Interview: Nelipot


Your Spotify bio says, “painting the insignificant and mundane”. Is this how you view art as a whole?

Ummm, couldn’t say that it’s a lens through which we interpret all art because some of the things we’re lucky enough to experience are far from being average or ordinary. But as a group of writers, between us, we do spend a lot of time ‘frilling out’ the nuances of our everyday experiences (through embellishment or catastrophisation) to make exciting what could otherwise be completely overlooked. As 3 coastal-suburban raised lads, our lives (like a lot of people we know) are pretty cookie cutter at a macro level. So, we like to observe the ordinary a little closer to find the little idiosyncrasies that colour the dull.

What is ‘Lucy’s Better’ about?

Lucy’s Better is a track we wrote a fair while ago & it’s about the thrills in finding new addictions, whatever they might be. We all tend to pretty haphazardly dive into whatever we find new and exciting and find ourselves rejecting whatever we were into before on a bit of a whim. Lucy’s Better pretty much covers this process as it happens.

You’ve shared the stage with some heavyweight Australian artists. Do you have any favourite memories from these shows?

Playing our first All-Ages show in Brisbane with Lime Cordiale over the Summer was probably one of the strangest and greatest experiences we’ve had as a band so far. Lime told us the night before how wild AA shows are, but we just never expected them to be so keen. It was an arvo show and hundreds of them were queuing up before the doors even opened. Then they were front and centre, dancing all afternoon from the very first band all the way till the headliner. We’ve got so much love for Lime & Brisvegas.

Not only are you all insanely talented, but also very fashionable. Have you ever had any wardrobe malfunctions mid-set?

Hah, well the key is functional fashion. Most of the stuff we wear isn’t costuming, in the sense that we wear those clothes out and about and not just on stage. So, we don’t usually have to worry about how operational the outfits are going to be. I mean, we lose necklaces and earrings, and jewellery often gets caught on straps and instruments but nothing too drastic has occurred (thank God) so far.

Your last single ‘Garden Hose Rainbows’ saw lots of praise from overseas blogs. How rewarding is it seeing your music do well internationally?

Seeing blogs & publications that we love overseas write up about us was honestly the most lovely of feelings. I mean, we don’t do this music stuff for critical acclaim but it’s always nice when people tell you what you’re doing matters.

What’s an unpopular opinion of yours?

Fuck ankle socks. Like seriously, wear them long or wear no-show footlet socks. This isn’t a game; ankle biting socks are trash and they belong there.

You guys are flying in 2019. What more can we expect from you three?

More shows and more music. We just love playing shows, wherever and whenever we can so if we get the call up to playing anywhere, we’ll be sure to be there. Along with that, this probably means you’ll see us on a lot more road trips, making Mi Goreng in poorly booked Airbnb’s & Ben collecting Lime Scooters around Brissy. It will be a time & we’re excited to share it together.


Written by John Zebra