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Interview: Odd Tastes Talk Inspirations, Hometown Favourites And More!

Ballarat-based indie-pop duo Odd Tastes have today returned with their effervescent new single ‘IT’S ALRIGHT’ – produced and mixed by group member Will Stephens. We caught up with the pair to get to know them a little better.

Your new song touches on the positives about a breakup. At what point did you realise the situation was meant to put into a song?

At this point I was trying to write a song a week and during the time of the break up I was writing some really cringe sad songs so I just started writing happy ones! And this, this was one of them!

Is being twins a factor that make your songwritring process easier, or harder?

Really easy, in fact it’s probably too easy. Whenever I work with someone who isn’t my twin, I always have to remember to act like an actual human.

Are there any artists you draw inspiration from?

At the moment, Gus Dapperton. I’m not sure if I love him or want to be him either way I’m happy with it.

What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

To be honest, all our plays on triple j. We record, produce, mix and master all our music ourselves so to have it played next to some top tier artists is really cool! Plus, after that you feel like you have a reason to like that song!

You’re based out in Ballarat, what are some of your favourite local acts from the area?

We are but most of our pals are in Melbourne! However, there is a local rapper called JQuan and he’s super dope! He raps in both Chinese and English which is crazy because I can’t even rap in one language.

Can you tell us what’s on the cards for Odd Tastes in 2021?

More music. We have a full on studio now, so we’re going to be putting out some really good new music that we just can’t wait to show you all!!

Written by John Zebra