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Interview: Rich Delinquent

Melbourne-based artist Rich Delinquent has just unveiled his stunning debut single ‘Death Drive’ – produced and written by the musician / vocalist himself.

This is a stellar debut from a promising act. How did you find the production of both the single and the music video?

 Firstly, thank you for the kind words.

Writing and producing has been something I’ve done for many years for various projects, so the instrumental aspect came very easily. From there I teamed up with my good friend Alex (sad alex) to collaborate on writing the vocals. Once that was all done, I took my time to perfect my vocal performance, sound design and mix down.

 Making the music video was an amazing experience, I had the vision for the film clip when I wrote the track of a 300ZX being smashed and couldn’t be happier with how that vision came to life. The film clip was directed by Zac Harris and he knocked it out of the park.

 The influences behind ‘Death Drive’ seem limitless. Can you tell us who/what inspired your sound and image?

 Rich Delinquent is the melting pot of all my influences both musical and non-musical. Some of those are Bring Me The Horizon, The Weeknd and Blackbear, mixed with my background in producing EDM.

Where was the music video filmed and how long did it take to make?

We shot the Death Drive music video in my hometown Melbourne over 2 days so that we could get footage of the car both driving and smashed. We also had to take breaks during filming the car driving scenes on the first night because the car’s engine was ruined, and it could only run for very short periods of time.

 What’s your opinion on social media presence, and its prominence in today’s music industry?

 Not only is it a great tool for promotion, it is also a blank canvas for expressing your art in which you can tell your narrative across multiple platforms.

 Is there any artist you would drop everything to spend a day with, to work on music, have a conversation with etc.?

 Honestly, I can’t think of anyone. Would rather hang out with Joe Rogan.

How would you describe Rich Delinquent to new fans?

Rich Delinquent represents much more than just myself and the music: It’s everything Rich in spirit.

Written by John Zebra