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Interview: Rob Carroll From Good Intent Announces New Project With Bingo Loco, ‘Good Loco’

Sydney-based artist services agency Good Intent and events management company Bingo Loco have just announced the opening of their brand-new joint venture ‘Good Loco’ – a photography and videography suite and space for hire located in Marrickville, Sydney. We had a chat with long time friend and director of the project, Rob Carroll to get the low down on the new space.

Hey Rob, thanks for chatting with us. First of all, congrats on 2 years of Good Intent! How does it feel to have come this far?
Thank you. It feels great how far we’ve come in such little time. We’ve had some incredible wins with established and emerging artists, and everyone in our team continues to step it up and really make Good Intent what it is today. I’m extremely fortunate to have so many incredibly talented and passionate people around me.

Tell us about the exciting new project at the office ‘Good Loco’?

Good Loco is a photography and videography studio that boasts one of the biggest cycloramas in Sydney’s inner west. It’s a large affordable space that features camera and lighting equipment, a make-up and dressing room, props, kitchen, bathrooms, bar and a green room with recreational facilities.

How did the idea for this come about? What was the motivation behind it all?

After one of my management clients, Down For Tomorrow, shot their music video in our office building, we thought it’d be cool to build a content house where artists could come and create some magic, while not breaking the bank.

We’ve set it out with some amazing gear and facilities, so there’s a really cool vibe from the moment you set your foot in the door.

How did the collab journey with Bingo Loco begin?

During COVID, Laurie (Bingo Loco Director) and myself figured it’d be ideal to come up with a few new projects to keep ourselves busy while we can’t run tours and events.

Laurie and myself have worked together in various capacities over the years and it’s super exciting we finally get to collaborate on a project in a partnership capacity. He’s an absolute nutter and works harder than anyone I know, so he’ll certainly keep me on my toes.

I hear there is some epic equipment in the studio including ‘one of the largest cycloramas in the area’ what is a cyclorama and what other type of equipment are we talking?

A cyclorama is a curved wall that is usually white and creates the illusion of an infinite room; hence the other name for it, an ‘infinity wall’. You would have seen them used in movies, TV shows and music videos.

Cameras include the Fuji X-T2, X-E2 and X-T4. For lenses we have the Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f/4 OIS, 8-16mm f/2.8 R LM WR ASPHERICAL, 35mm f/1.4 R LM WR ASPHERICAL and Fujinon XF 18-55m f/2.8-4 R LM OIS. All the lighting gear is mainly Profoto and Neewer. A more comprehensive listing is available here.

Is the space open to anyone to use?

Absolutely! While we’ve got a strong focus on the music industry, we’ve already got a bunch of friends who work across various industries lining up to use the space. All of our photographer and videographer buddies are frothing over it!

Do you have any opening deals for artists?

We sure do! As a way of giving to the community, all indie artists can book into the space for free! Just head to the website and click on ‘book now’, enter the voucher code ‘Indie’ and whatever date in November you’re after is yours!

Any exciting new artists we should know about coming through with Good Intent?

Be sure to check out Down For Tomorrow, FANGZ, SoSo, Majak Door, SCABZ, Antoine, Chores, Wolf Creek and Black Rabbit George.

Good Loco is located at Level 1, 15 Carrington Road Marrickville NSW 2204



Written by Chris Lamaro