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Interview: Rian King from ‘Good Boy’

Good Boy

Laneway Festival is only a few weeks away and the only people possibly more excited than us for the Brisbane leg of the Festival are the fellas in Good Boy. We caught up with the Brisbane trio’s vocalist and bass player Ryan King to talk about their criminal activities and slamming tinnies for music videos.

The video clip for “Transparency” features a good old game of AFL in Brisbane’s New Farm Park, how long did it take to film considering you all had at least one tinnie in hand?

It took around an hour and a half to film [at New Farm Park] and then another half an hour back at my place.

So it didn’t turn into an all-day bender?

Oh yeah it did actually! I really hurt myself by the end of the day, like after getting [tackled] by Tom (Guitarist) about 40 times I was like “nup, had enough boys!”.

Who won the game in the end?

That would have been Tom for sure. He’s probably the most active out of all of us, he just graduated from Uni as a P.E teacher and he’s a swimming coach and loves AFL. I think we edited the video so he kicks the ball and then he speckies me and catches it…obviously that’s impossible, but if anyone could do it Tom could do it!

Geez, he sounds like one hell of a competitor! Which AFL team does each of you support?

All three of us I’m sure support the Brisbane Lions…I really used to like St Kilda and Port Adelaide, but I like cycling [more].

As in Tour de France or Velodrome cycling?

Yeah, I love a bit of track!

So if you weren’t playing in Good Boy you’d be on a bike?

Umm well I’d like to be [a cyclist] but I don’t think I’d be fit enough! I like to watch [professional cycling] but I mainly ride to level out the amount of cigarettes I smoke… 

What would Good Boy drink if the world ran out of VB or XXXX Gold?

Oh f*ck, what a dire world! Is beer another option?

I guess there would be other beers, what springs to mind?

Coopers tall-ies aye, Coopers Reds!

Yeah fair enough, I like them too…

They’re cheap and efficient…

Good Boy recently embarked on an East Coast tour off the back of your single Transparency, what’s your favourite moment of the tour? 

Umm probably relaxing in Camperdown Park in Newtown [Sydney] and drinking coffee. We really did a lot of walking around and drinking coffee because Stuart (Drummer) is a big coffee buff…the shows were pretty fun too! We didn’t expect the amount of people that came to our Brisbane show, like we sold out the venue which was a nice little one…so probably about 150 people came which made it sort of like a nice welcome home thing.

When was the last time Good Boy were actually very bad boys?

Oh well…umm…I’m not going to tell you what happened last night! I don’t want to say anything too incriminating. Let’s just say ‘Person X’ drove home a little bit drunk last night and has to appear in court later in the month.

Ohh wow…that’s…

We’re usually pretty relaxed though! We do get kicked out of The Foundry [Brisbane venue] a lot though, but mostly it’s just general criminal activity like drinking in the park and stealing milk crates.

Haha, well we’ve all ‘borrowed’ milk crates at least once! Thanks to Triple J Unearthed you’re opening the Brisbane leg of 2016’s Laneway Festival, are Good Boy preparing anything special for the occasion?

I might unleash a little bit of ruckus as it’s on my 23rd birthday so we’re going to take full advantage of the drinks and massages and free food and tattoos, I think [they’re free]? As for the set though we’re actually having trouble because it’s the first time we’ve ever had to cut songs because apparently if we go over our set [time] they’ll cut us off, so we’ll work on our set real hard. We might even play a newbie, but apart from that it’ll be pretty stock standard. 

Lastly, which acts are you most excited to see at Brisbane’s Laneway? 

Royal Headache for sure! I really like Blank Realm, [I’ve] seen them a couple of times but y’know that’s never enough. Umm I wouldn’t mind catching the Goon Sacks, another Brissie local! Apparently Thundercat is very good, so I’ll try to catch them too.


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