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Interview: Sundressed

Fresh off signing to international label, Rude Records, Arizona’s Sundressed have released another new single, “Oh Please”. We sat down for a chat with the 3 piece to have a chat about the new release and signing.

Love the new track! Tell us about the process of creating “Oh Please”.

Thanks so much! This was actually the first song I wrote when talks of putting together a new record came out. I was really stressed at the time about some personal health concerns and I’d find myself up late at night googling symptoms I thought I had and freaking myself out. I feel like that emotion specifically influenced writing this song. We actually barely changed it from how it was originally written and it feels awesome to have it out!

Due to Covid-19 live shows have come to a holt. Can we expect to see Sundressed doing live shows after restrictions ease?

I cannot wait to get back in the van and play again. Live music is my therapy whether I am seeing it or performing it. It has been really tough, but I do feel like we have strengthened our bond with our followers through the internet and that has been a wonderful experience!

Having members in different cities how do you find the song writing process to be? It would have been especially hard during the pandemic. How did you overcome this challenge when writing your new music?

It really actually worked out quite well this time around, I would write out lyrics and melodies over acoustic guitar and send these ideas over to Aj and Vic and let Aj do his demo guitar magic to get a better feel for the song. When we had a good chunk of ideas, Vic and I would drive out to San Diego and lock ourselves away in the practice space. In the future, I’m hoping to get better at home recording myself so we could be sending things back and forth more. We’ve already been working on this!

Congratulations on signing with Rude Records. That must feel great! What does it mean to you guys as a band?

Very excited to be a part of such a caring and respected label. They are behind the songs 100 percent and it is so refreshing. I have to mention their selflessness too as they didn’t even hesitate to donate 100 percent of the funds of our latest single to support Black Lives Matter, even though music distribution is their only source of income right now! I feel like they have completed our team and I’m so stoked to do more releases with them!

How does it feel to be growing your audience to Australia and the rest of the world?

It’s honestly wild, I’ve never had the opportunity to be heard by so many new people and it really means the world!

Written by John Zebra