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Interview: Superlove Chat About Their Latest Single, Colours

Bristol-based noise-pop band Superlove have announced their debut album ‘Colours’ is set for release Friday, April 1 2022, via Rude Records – co-produced by the band themselves. We had a chat about the title single, the forthcoming album and more!

‘Colours’ is a nice taste of what’s to come on the album. What are some of the main themes you write about?

We’ve sort of accidentally had reappearing themes with this album. Love songs definitely come naturally and seem to be our first port of call when it comes to those “What should this song even be about?” situations. There are a few songs that tie in with each other thematically, actually. Most of the album is from the point of someone reflecting on everything in life: relationships, whether it be past or present, all the way to feeling upset at the current state of the world.

You blend so many genres into one vibrant spectrum of diversity. There’s extreme ends of noise rock and hyper pop throughout previous releases, and there tends to be so many layers of production. Which element of your music do you think best represents you as a collective group?

I’d say the heavy riffs going straight into really pop-y sections are definitely what people know us for these days. But I think as time goes on, it’s going to be all the production elements that represent the band. The little details and reoccurring synths we use everywhere, as those are also the things we spend so much time on. As well as even writing the songs.

What would you say is the biggest and most important lesson you’ve learnt as artists?

For us, I think it’s to not pay attention to what other people are doing. It’s very hard to not get caught up in “well this band are doing this and they’re doing that”. There’s lots of amazing bands around at the moment really pushing boundaries and it’s incredible to see. We just like to keep our heads down and crack on.

With the state of the world, have you managed to find ways to keep busy and active while touring is so inconsistent and up in the air?

It’s definitely hard. You sort of have to focus on other things when touring is non-existent. Focusing our efforts more on social media and how we can push the band without being able to even leave the house. I think everyone’s gotten a lot more creative because of it, actually. For example, a lot of the videos we made over the course of 2021 had been super DIY, albeit a couple of higher budget ones. But for the most part, we had the time to sit and think about what sort of video we could just make ourselves.

Once the album is out, how do you plan to celebrate?

Well, when we first got the mixed album back, we rinsed it to the end of the earth. Listening every day over and over again, picking out new favourite bits, and bits you forgot were even recorded. I can’t speak for Jacob, but I haven’t listened to it in a while on purpose. I’ll most likely celebrate by sitting in my living room and playing it loud as anything until it gets to the end of the last song. And I’ll go “….cool, that’s our first album there then.” And then listen all over again.

Written by John Zebra