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Interview: The Faim Chat About Their New Single, ‘The Hills’

Following on from their stunning return single ‘Ease My Mind’, Australian rock exports The Faimhave released another anthemic, adrenaline-charged single ‘The Hills’. We caught up with the band to discuss the release, touring, inspirations and more!

This is an outstanding release! Can you tell us the themes surrounding it?

Thank you! ‘The Hills’ is very much a coming-of-age track. It was inspired from growing up in the Perth Hills and the experiences we’ve all had there. The lyrics are largely about how a certain place can be representative of many different things, and for us the Perth Hills represent youth, nostalgia, defining experiences and fond memories.

The Faim has quite a stellar resume for international tours and global stages. Which tours / shows have been etched into your brains forever as memories you’ll likely tell your children?

It’s hard to pick only one but off the top of my head it would have to be Reading and Leeds festival in the U.K. It’s just such an iconic festival and so many great bands have played it over many years so to be a part of it was truly an honour. We were fortunate enough to have an off day in the middle of the 3 days, so it was nice to be able to experience the festival from the punters perspective as well as an artist’s perspective!

The collective talent in musicianship and performance is just insane. Aside from yourselves, who in the global music scene would you say has stunned and shocked you with their creative abilities?

Thanks! I think there is an array of talented and innovative bands in today’s music scene but right now, no one is doing it like Turnstile. Every single aspect of that band is so well thought out and executed and their approach to their song writing, production and visuals is second to none.

A lot happens behind closed doors in bands, and so much work goes into planning, making music, and organising yourselves to be exceedingly presentable.  How do you keep yourselves mentally healthy and able to keep churning out brilliant content?

I think constantly shaking things up and not letting things go stale is super important in staying mentally fresh. Writing and playing music can be quite fatiguing, so staying on top of everything, maintaining good communication with your bandmates, and keeping those wheels turning is crucial!

We’ve been waiting 2 years for The Faim to return and now we have two amazing new singles to cherish. Will we see more of this in 2022?

This is only the beginning, plenty more (which I can’t go into details about right now) is on the way!

Written by John Zebra