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Interview: The Phazes

Following on from their critically praised single ‘Manly Vale’, Sydney-based indie-rock band The Phazes have returned with their enigmatic follow up ‘Hollywood’. We caught up with them recently to find out more about influences, the bands formation and more.

Loving the new track! Tell us about the process of writing ‘Hollywood’ was it any different in any way compared to your previous tracks?

‘Hollywood’ is one of those songs that I think really shows our natural progression as a band and as songwriters. The process was not necessarily different, but I think the outcome really highlights what we do well as a band and pushes us further into what we have always wanted to achieve together sonically.

You guys have been together for a few years now, how did The Phazes form?

It feels like we only started jamming together yesterday to be honest but time flies when you’re having fun, as they say. The Phazes came together after Hayden and Liam became pals after high school and started jamming and sharing song ideas around the 2015 mark. Jesse then jumped in after meeting Liam at Falls Festival over New Years of the same year. After sharing a love of music and extra-curricular activities, our old drummer went MIA and Jesse filled in at the last minute for a gig. Will came into the picture shortly after to round out the line-up.

As a band, who would be your biggest musical influences dead or alive and why?

Collectively I think we all idolise those early 2000’s garage bands like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Vines etc. which I think definitely shines through in our sound. So, to answer your question it would have to be Julian Casabalancas and Alex Turner who thankfully, are alive and well.

Are you guys involved in any projects or charities outside of music, tell us about them?

We’re involved and passionate about the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre, a conservation centre located in Borneo which is dedicated to the survival and preservation of the endangered Bornean Sun Bear. We’ve been involved in this conservation act for nearly ten years and we hold it very close to our hearts. If you’re in any way interested in donating or enquiring, please contact or look up

Can we expect more from The Phazes in the near future?

You certainly can. We are currently putting the finishing touches on something pretty exciting you can look forward to. ‘Hollywood’ is the product of a home-studio setup that we have recently put together which has allowed us to get a lot of work done and lay down some new music. Without sounding too much like a walking 21st century band cliché… stay tuned.

Written by John Zebra