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Interview: The Vryll Society



Has Britain ever been in short supply of guitar-centred rock outfits? No matter where the trends of music go, if you ever need something fresh from the fretboard, you can be sure that there is an abundance of British bands that have you covered. One of the up-and-coming groups that we’ve been loving the sounds of lately are Liverpool lads The Vryll Society.

These guys have been hard at work, and off the back of their ‘Pangea’ EP, performances at Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds festivals, and a support slot on other UK favourites Blossoms’ tour,  they’ve graced us with their latest, A Perfect Rhythm. We got the chance to chat with the quintet about their influences, their UK-conquering performances, and if/when we’ll see them down under!

There are a lot of different sounds in the track, and at times, parts that would seemingly clash, at least on paper, are perfectly blended, what were the musical influences on the track?

Well, we always enjoy putting down new sounds and trying new and different things out on our songs, especially in the studio, and the fact that on paper it shouldn’t work, but it actually does, we vibe off that a lot. The track came about because we wanted to put out a song that was different from our previous releases, we wanted something that was cool, catchy and interesting but condensed into a few minutes.

In many ways the track is a step away from the sounds on your ‘Pangea’ EP towards a more poppy sound. What led that direction change?

We knew that we can write songs like the ones we put on Pangea, we’ve been able to do that for a while, so its been a good challenge for ourselves to start writing this style of song, so that at the end of the day we can make ourselves very capable of doing both.

Did the layering grow organically through the recording sessions, or did you feel that there were significant gaps that needed filling?

The parts were always there before we went into the studio, so there was already a few layers to play with, and then they just glued together even more when we actually recorded it. We then went and threw in some extra sparkly bits over the top, which was the icing on the cake you could say!

You guys had some sets at this summer’s Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds festivals, what was it like stepping onstage for some of the world’s largest music festivals?

It was absolutely fantastic! It’s always been on the tick list for us so we were buzzing! Like you said yourself they’re some of the world’s biggest festivals, so you can imagine how great it was for us!

Can Aussies expect to see you guys heading down under any time soon, once you’ve finished conquering Europe?

We’d absolutely love to and I’m sure we’ll be over there in the near future.

If there was a dream collaboration for you guys, with no limitations on genre, style or even an artist being alive or dead, who would you be hooking up with?

I wouldn’t mind seeing what one of our tunes would be like if we had David Axelrod or Ennio Morricone putting some of their touches to our music.

What is 2017 looking like for The Vryll Society?

More great vibes.

Check out the absolute rocker A Perfect Rhythm below, and keep those eyes peeled to see if we can ship The Vryll Society to a venue near you!

Written by Max Higgins