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Interview: Tom Gordon from ‘Horror My Friend’

Horror My Friend

Adelaide post-punks Horror My Friend are about to hit the road in celebration of releasing their debut album ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’. We had a quick chat with their guitarist Tom Gordon about shredding Covered In Chrome live with Violent Soho and how important chilling out is when sightseeing in RADelaide.

Horror My Friend is quite an aggressive name, are you guys known for frightening people and creating misery?

Ah I guess not really, the name does make us sound like a hardcore band but we’re not anything like that! We do try to have fun onstage and move around [a lot] so I suppose that’s the closest we get to [being a hardcore band].

So how did the name come about seeing as you’re not a hardcore or metal group?

It’s a bit weird because when we started the band we were probably 17 to 18 years old and so [the name] literally came from one of us going “oh yeah you know what would be a cool name!” We’re now all 23 [years old] now so I guess it’s just stuck…a lot of people have asked if it’s a quote from the movie Apocalypse Now but our name has nothing to do with that…nothing as intellectual [as a movie quote] unfortunately!

You guys have supported a few big names including Violent Soho, what was it like backstage for that gig? 

It was pretty cool, I suppose I had a few beers and there were definitely a lot of joints going around, none that we partook in, but the Soho dudes definitely enjoy a few! It was great, they’re like the nicest guys of all time. Like sometimes you sort of think a big band is going to have massive egos but they [ended up being] one of the nicest bands we’ve ever played with…really nice and down to earth guys.

What’s the most memorable gig Horror My Friend has played so far?

I suppose that Violent Soho gig was a pretty good one, especially for me because I got to play Covered In Chrome [live] with the Violent Soho guys so that was pretty sick! And I guess [another memorable gig] was one of our launches last year…it’s just great to play a hometown show of your own and it was sold out too, so it was great to have people there and singing and having fun to [our] songs rather as [Horror My Friend] supporting another band. A different kind of vibe I guess!

Your sound carries a nostalgic 90’s rock feel to it, are Horror My Friend aiming for the sound of that golden era of pop-punk and rock sound?

I’d say John [singer] and I are pretty into that kind of thing like 90’s rock and the standard bands like Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr, that kind of thing. Then I suppose there’s also a lot of Shoegaze bands and like 90’s Emo like American Football. But I think our drummer Sam comes from a different background, he’s into like modern psych and dark psych…as well as At The Drive In who’s another 90’s punk band. 

You’re releasing your debut album ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’ later this month, how do the rest of the tracks compare to your current single Stay In?

Stay In is by far the most poppiest song on [the album], there’s one thing we haven’t really shown from the album like a few longer, spacier, and almost Emo inspired [songs]. When I say Emo though I’m not talking so much like 2000’s Taking Back Sunday!


You’ve got a few All-Ages shows on the upcoming tour, is there a major difference in how teenagers compared to twenty-something punks react to your music?

We’ve found we get a really good response [to all ages gigs], like especially in Adelaide because until recently our entire fan base has almost been [just in] Adelaide. But I think in comparison to the 20-somethings [year olds] when you have an all ages show teenagers seem to get into it more, like they’ll come up the front and get into the [mosh] pit and just jump around and have a good time. Whereas even myself when I go to a show, unless I’ve had a few beers, I’d be more inclined to sit back and just watch rather than get into the thick of it.

Lastly, if I only had one day in Adelaide what are the top 3 things I should see or do?

Ah, well I’m just trying to think what I’d do, I mean I sit around and play Crash Bandicoot! I would just go to Rundle Street, not Rundle Mall, and just go to a few cafes and hang out in the Botanic gardens and stuff like that. Then later that night go to the Exeter [Hotel] or the Crown & Anchor [Hotel] to watch a band and have a few beers. So basically not sightseeing but rather walking around and chilling out!

Horror My Friend’s debut album ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’ will be released Friday 22nd January.

Horror My Friend ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’ Tour
FRI 22nd JAN

Clarity Records, Adelaide (All Ages)
WED 10th FEB

Rad, Wollongong

Phoenix Bar, Canberra
FRI 12th FEB

Blackwire, Sydney (All Ages)
SAT 13th FEB

The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
FRI 19th FEB

Prince Of Wales, Bunbury

Hyperfest, Perth (All Ages)

The Bird, Perth

The Old Bar, Melbourne

Karova Lounge, Ballarat

Jive Bar, Adelaide