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Interview: VTA Chats About His New Jam, ‘Deep In The Streets’

Darug/Western Sydney-based drill artist VTA has just revealed his uncompromising new track ‘Deep in the Street’ – produced by Sefru (HP BoyzThe 046Jaecy) and mixed and mastered by Gambino (One FourSection 60On the Gang).  We had a chat to VTA about the new track, influences and future plans.

Who are your biggest influences on your sound?

I get the majority of my influences from life experience. I have had my fair share of raw street life and for once I have found a platform for me to share and express that without having to re-live it. My family though has and will always be a big influence for me due to their support of me through hard times. I’m hoping I can be a positive influence on the younger people in my family so as not to have them go through what I went through to learn the lessons I have.

How do you plan on finishing off the year?

The year for me has already exceeded what I planned, to be honest. But I plan to release a few more tracks and perhaps an EP, and with a little more good fortune, I would love to share a stage with other up and coming artists.

How did B.A.M records start?

The Label we have, actually started from doing music for fun in a bedroom and kind of just evolved to what we are doing now. Honestly, our intention wasn’t for me to become a rapper, but we didn’t want other people determining how our label is perceived. We just planned on coming into the music with our best interpretation of our combined experiences and share it with the scene.

Can you tell us about your latest single ‘Deep in the Street’?

For me, it’s an exciting track because I got to share an uncensored view of the mind state in the streets. I feel like people in general haven’t experienced a lot and therefore don’t have the insight that I have, and I wanted to share some of the rawness of the gutter. I also want people to understand that this platform I am now using is for entertainment.

What’s your writing process like?

For me, it usually starts with the producer, more recently being Pax, Tonick or Sefru. Once we find a beat that we vibe to, between me and the boys, we brainstorm topics and work out a direction for the track then we start the writing. From there, collectively we put together our best effort and the best track is what we put forward to share with the public.

Any advice for musicians or bands just starting up?

I think people just need to have an idea of what they are doing and why, and then commit to their own cause. Also accept that sometimes someone else may know better and don’t let the entertainment determine who you should be.

Written by John Zebra