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Introducing ELKI & Her Scorcher of a Debut Single


When a song is inspired from the 1981 neo-noir thriller Body Heat you know it’s going to be a scorcher! This is absolutely the case with Sydney-based artist ELKI and her debut track Sirens. In case you didn’t know, Body Heat is a film that involves adultery, murder, mystery, false identities, and dumb lawyers. It’s a sweltering ride and Sirens captures that intensity perfectly.

The track itself is laden with synthesisers, percussion, and powerful strings that make everything about a million times more dramatic. The triumph of this song however is ELKI’s wonderful vocals. With some jazz inspiration, her vocals dance across the track with purpose and passion. She kind of sounds like if Fiona Apple and Alt-J decided to craft a mystical songstress with their magical music powers.

However, be warned: If you do listen to this song the chorus is going to be stuck in your head for days, possibly years. It’s super freaking catchy. But not in an annoying way, which is always nice. This song isn’t predictable either, it’s new, fresh, and actually interesting. Honestly, this track is so epic it could be definitely be on a movie soundtrack. Seriously, she should write a Bond song or something…

This is just the first from ELKI, so hopefully we’ll be hearing plenty more from her in the future. Although, according to her Facebook she was “dragged kicking and screaming into the land of social media, having previously enjoyed life living in a cave, tending bees”. So if she’s a little late on delivery it’s understandable, she does have bees to attend to after all…