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Introducing THE RIOT And Their Debut Single, Dog In The Shade

Introducing THE RIOT and their debut single, Dog In The Shade. It’s a genre bending tune that will have you wanting more! With hints of RnB mixed with a raw punk vibe and even touches of a prog rock feel, Dog In The Shade is a very impressive introduction to the scene.

The track touches on disenfranchisement and depression, and how to seize the feelings of sadness and rage to fight the powers that be. It is a call to arms to break away from the dread and darkness.

“We’re saying ‘F*ck the enemy, riot the energy’ and let your voice be your voice regardless of how the world has made you feel” – JD (The Riot frontman)

The track has had a hand from the industries big names including Matt Corby and Alex Henriksson. “[Henriksson] was really able to take our disjointed pieces and glue them together,” says JD. Corby came into the project after the early Dog In The Shade sessinos, impressed by what he had heard from Henriksson. We hear there are more Corby/Henriksson and THR RIOT collabs to come.

Dog In The Shade has a very interesting accompanying video by Nick Waterman, which sees the group wonder through the city lights late at night. It’s a perfect addition to the pwerful single.

Dog In The Shade is available now, everywehere.


Written by Chris Lamaro