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Ioakim Reveals Brand New Single, ‘Mona Lisa’

South Coast bedroom producer, Ioakim has today unveiled his brand new single, Mona Lisa. It’s just on three and a half minuses of uplifting summertime retro pop rock. To celebrate the release and to get to know Ioakim a little better we asked him to share with us his favourite tunes and musical inspirations.

Nervous – Madi Diaz –

This is a new favourite. It caught my attention in the same way I heard overkill by holly humberstone. Growing up playing a lot of indie acoustic / folk I think this one hit me immediately with its indie rock / folk blend. Oh and not to mention the incredible story telling.

Then I met her – ekkstacy

The simplicity of this song is all I will ever need. It’s definitely a reminder that not everything needs to be fully produced and rough around the edges, it just captures the feeling.

Perfume – Del Water Gap –

Sonically this song is so inspiring, the different textures, percussive elements and Lo fi electric guitar lead is so sick. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who hasn’t heard of del water gap

Eventually – tame impala – 

I mean…. This one is pretty self explanatory.

1901 – Phoenix –

It wouldn’t be a take 5 without Phoenix. I’ve told myself I won’t stop writing songs until I write one this good. It’s just perfect in every way.


Ioakim’s new single, Mona Lisa is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro