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Ishan’s Debut EP, ‘The Cycle of Codependence,’ Sparks a Genre-Defying Emotional Odyssey

With the magnetic release of his captivating singles, ‘Cardboard Box Apartment’ and ‘Someone Like Me,’ the rise of emerging pop sensation ISHAN has become an undeniable reality. Transitioning from the bustling streets of Melbourne’s iconic Bourke Street Mall, where his musical journey began with busking, to now dominating national airwaves, ISHAN has swiftly positioned himself as a compelling artist to keep a keen eye on. In a testament to his musical prowess, the Melbourne/Naarm-based singer-songwriter recently unveiled his debut EP, ‘The Cycle of Codependence,’ marking a significant milestone in his evolving career.

Embarking on a musical journey that delves into the peaks and valleys of his exhilarating yet tumultuous initial romantic entanglements, ISHAN’s debut EP, ‘The Cycle of Codependence,’ unfolds a narrative intricately woven with his signature style of anecdotal songwriting, so vividly detailed that it feels undeniably authentic. Guided by ISHAN’s compelling storytelling, the EP is a tapestry of soaring vocals, infectious melodies, and unfiltered emotion. Across its five tracks, the collection seamlessly melds modern pop, indie acoustic singer-songwriter, and pop-rock elements, presenting a multifaceted sonic palette that captures the essence of ISHAN’s musical versatility and emotional sincerity.

“The five tracks on this EP tell a connected story that couldn’t be more personal and heartfelt. This is a body of work that steps you through the biggest adventure of my life so far, without sparing the details. There is no vitriol or posturing, only the strongest feelings of love and pain I’ve ever experienced.” – ISHAN.

In ‘The Cycle of Codependence,’ ISHAN not only unveils the intricacies of his journey through the highs and lows of first love but also solidifies his musical identity, leaving listeners captivated by the raw authenticity and genre-blurring brilliance that defines this debut EP. A masterpiece from start to finish. It’s available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro