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It’s a Bird? It’s a Plane? No, It’s Canary’s New Single “Chameleon”!

Canary 2
The sun is shining! Birds are singing! Canary have just released their new single Chameleon plucked straight from their sophomore album ‘I Am Lion’.

Opening with a slightly ethereal soft rock sound thanks to gentle “oohs” and “ah’s”, Chameleon initially forms as an upbeat alt-rock number. With instrumentation similar to something you’d hear on Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’, there’s an intriguing use of trumpet and slight vocal dissonance, adding an eerie edge to the song’s at first warm alt-rock vibes.

However, led by an overdriven guitar riff, the second phase of the song is an explosion of mysterious rock that fades away as quickly as it builds, leaving you wanting more while at the same time scratching your head and wondering what just happened.

It’s a pretty versatile track in comparison to their other releases. The quick jump into some bass guitar and choir harmonies creates a sort of uncertain vibe and really changes the tone of the song into something pretty unique.

It’s probably the most vibrant song off the new album with the other tracks being a lot more restrained and tranquil. Chameleon is great single release to showcase the different vibes they have to offer, so fly float away and have a listen!

Canary Album Launch Tour

The World Bar, Sydney
The Workers Club, Geelong
The Toff, Melbourne

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