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It’s All About Timing Q & A: Jack Grace

Jack Grace presser

Rising Sydney songwriter and producer Jack Grace is one of the many buzz acts at 2016’s BIGSOUND. Riding high on his latest mellow banger All Lost, he’s sure to wow both delegates and punters alike with his genre-crossing pop and deep beats. We asked Grace some timely questions including what we should expect from his upcoming debut EP!

Would you consider yourself an early bird or night owl?

I oscillate clumsily between both. Currently trying to do the early morning thing but I’m still going to bed late, so that’s probably why I’ve got a mouthful of ulcers…

If you could time travel what time period would you travel back to?

Somewhere circa 1721 to a cathedral in Germany to hear Bach trialling one of his new preludes.

What’s your favourite musical time period?

This is hard, I like eras where genres collide and things are disrupted. The height of this for me is Bill Evans accessing 1000 years of european harmonic tradition and fusing that with his rhythm section which was drawing on 6000 years of african rhythmic tradition…so somewhere around 1956. A side note here is that it’s also where you have this counter movement of rock ‘n’ roll really kicking off, which in hindsight was very extreme but a much needed reaction to the movement that birthed Bill Evans (jazz).

Would you rather be always early or always late?

Always early. Despite what people say, late is not chill.

What would be your ideal alarm tone or song?

Aphex Twin Ambient Works 85-92…has this euphoric vibe, good morning music!

What’s the worst situation you’ve ever been late?

I nearly missed a flight recently due to a crash that happened a few cars ahead. I had to battle intense guilt of being so concerned that I may miss a flight over the fact that a taxi had just completely totalled a Prius…everyone was ok in the end.

What’s your favourite time of year?

Autumn heading to Winter.

If you could change how many hours there are in a day what would be the new number?

27.3 hour days. That would give us 10,000 hours a year, looks and sounds good!

For the uninitiated, how would you describe Jack Grace’s sound and live shows?

It’s emotional electronic music.

We’re loving your single All Lost, what was the inspiration behind the song?

Thank you! I guess I was inspired by all the things that don’t get said out loud and how often actions aren’t always clear and can be misconstrued to mean something else.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your upcoming EP? 

It’s coming out in October, the singles All Lost and Hills kind of bookend it stylistically, and I decided today to call it ‘River’!

Jack Grace BIGSOUND Sets

9.50 -10.20pm Ric’s Big Backyard, BIGSOUND
3.15 – 3.35pm Black Bear Lodge, BIGSOUND [Delegates or RSVP for entry]