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Ivan Ooze Wants You To Know He’s a Hooligan

Ivan Ooze

While his namesake, the main villain of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, is pure evil, Ivan Ooze (real name Ben Townsend) is anything but. Despite being a relative newcomer to the Australian hip-hop scene, Ooze has already amassed quite a following entranced by his razor-sharp raps, toothy grin, and Ciggy Butt Brain-esque humour.

Following a massive national tour with Wu-Tang Clan, Ooze’s latest single Hooligans is an explosion of energy and tribute to good friends, good drinks and good times.

Hooligans is a track about having a good time even if you are a little bit of a trouble maker. “Whether you’re drunk as hell or just like to bring the ruckus when you’re at a party with your mates, this is an anthem for you. Party on Wayne,” said the Melbourne-based MC.

The track features tricky rhymes and a fast flow that’ll keep you on your toes. The song gives us Super Mario Bros played on a Nintendo Game Boy vibes. Hooligans builds up like a wind turbine and makes you feel like jumping off the roof into the swimming pool maybe isn’t such a bad idea (it is).

Ooze proves he’s all fun and a bit of a loose cannon in the  Hooligans music video. It’s got drinking from sweaty shoes, hot festival days and, as promised, a gang of straggly haired, snapback-wearing hooligans.

With his ’93 KFC Rotisserie’ mix tape in the works and a national tour scheduled for May, we expect Ooze to make like Mario (or Luigi if that’s your thing) and move onto the next level.