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Jack Carty Is Spaced Out With Soft New Single ‘A Way With Me’


The soft, sweet sounds of Jack Carty’s new single A Way With Me may just be the perfect tune for your hump day blues, and it comes with an all-new intergalactic video clip!

A Way With Me is the second single from the Sydney-born, Brisbane-based singer-songwriter’s fourth album ‘Home State’, which debuted pretty high up on the album charts! Recorded in his tiny apartment in Red Hill Brisbane, this second single perfectly combines Carty’s soft acoustic guitar with his sweet vocals.

The new clip follows Carty as he ventures to a foreign land. In between his explorations, we enjoy soothing imagery of galactic scenery, which surprisingly fits well with the acoustic tune, and the chance to get up-close and personal with Carty as he serenades us from inside, you guessed it, his spacesuit.

After receiving a leg-up from his management, Carty will be heading to the UK for a string of his own headline tours. In the meantime, while we wait for his return home, have a read of our (fittingly named might we add) ‘Heading for Adventure’ Q&A with Carty himself, and check out the new clip below!