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Jacob Moore Delivers Dreamy New Single “Something in The Water”

Jacob Moore 2016

After kicking off his debut solo project in February, Sydney-based artist Jacob Moore has delivered some serious grooves in his dreamy latest Something In The Water.

The songwriter and producer has been performing and producing for numerous acts over the years including Bell Weather Department, helping hone and developing a unique craft of generating classic pop tunes with a modern twist. Something In The Water is produced by Jack Prest, known best for his work with Flume, The Preatures, and Action Bronson.

Moore builds from a retro-inspired soul and blues production and vocals in Something In The Water to deliver a modern twist on soul-pop, and in doing so delivering something fresh and completely his own in a genre that often steers too much towards minimalism.

The track starts off with dreamy and harmonious vocals and grows with elements of RnB, psych, and subtle hints of electro-pop added into the dreamy rhythm, all held together by Moore’s steady vocals (and some fun backing vocals!).