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James Abberley Unveils His New Single, ‘You’re The One’

West Australian indie-folk artist James Abberley has returned with a brand new introspective single, You’re The One.  It follows on from the well received single, Drifting which was released back in August.

You’re The One is one of the seaside tracks that has you floating along in an almost meditative state. Pure and lush in it’s delivery, it’s a tune that just makes you smile and think of a secluded island. Lyrically however things are a bit deeper than that.

‘You’re The One’ is about that moment when you are trying to fall asleep, but no matter what you do, you just can’t get that person that you love or want out of your head. It’s amazing to me that you can feel like a slave to your own thoughts.” James Abberley

WA residents will be treated as Abberley is set to play some shows to celebrate the release of the new single. Details below. You’re The One is available now, everywhere.

‘You’re The One’ Single Tour  

Nov 16 – The Aardvark, Freemantle.
Nov 13 – Vancouver Arts Center, Albany.
Nov 21 – Little Village, Margaret River.
All tickets via

Written by John Zebra