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Jantoje Reveals Beaming New EP, ‘Verano’

Sydney producer Jantoje has revealed his uplifting new three-track EP, Verano. The sundrenched EP features the previously released singles, Honesty and Runaway feat. Beach Season.

Each track on Verano is beaming with warm energy that genuinely feels like summertime. From Runaway’s festival pop vibes to the previously unreleased track, Heart Strings, this EP is beaming with a bright vibe that will undoubtedly lift any mood.

Jantoje elaborates on Heart Strings.

“This track was first started about two or three years ago. It wasn’t until I was going through all my project files from an old computer earlier this year when I came across it again. I had the progression down and added a vocal sample which I liked and chopped it up a bit with some resampling. Even though the song was first started a few years ago it actually came together quite quick and goes to show how your creativity can change overtime. I hope this track makes listeners want to dance at a festival or to go travelling and explore!” – Jantoje.

Jantoje has produced a perfect summertime EP. Verano is available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro