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Jeremy Aaron’s ‘Under My Skin’ Is a Haunting Ode to Vulnerability and Resilience

Jeremy Aaron’s latest single, Under My Skin, is a hauntingly beautiful testament to the emotional depth of his songwriting. Following on from his previous release, The Day The Internet Died, Aaron continues to captivate listeners with his introspective lyricism and soul-stirring melodies.

Under My Skin envelops listeners in a world of melancholic introspection from the very first notes. Aaron’s emotive vocal delivery, accompanied by smooth acoustic guitar work, creates a dreamy atmosphere that transports listeners to a place of raw vulnerability and reflection.

The song’s genesis during the height of the pandemic adds an additional layer of poignancy to its themes of personal struggle and universal unease. Through his heartfelt performance, Aaron captures the essence of those moments of despair and uncertainty, offering a sense of solace and understanding to listeners who may find themselves grappling with similar emotions.

“I wrote Under My Skin at the height of the pandemic when I was really down and out. It’s a deeply personal song, but it also reflects an undercurrent in the world and how a lot of people feel right now. I recorded it a few years ago and only just released it now, mostly because I was worried about it, which is ironic because the song itself is about worrying. The vocals and guitar were recorded at my co-producer Jann’s studio. He encouraged me all the way and we got the vocal in the first few takes. I played the synths, bass and violins in my bedroom, just by experimenting with different pars. Ethan Cohen added drums at the very end. I’m proud with how it ended up and excited it’s finally out there!” – Jeremy Aaron.

Overall, Under My Skin stands as a testament to Jeremy Aaron’s ability to create music that resonates on both a personal and universal level. It’s a track that invites listeners to embrace vulnerability and find strength in the shared human experience of navigating life’s challenges.

Written by John Zebra