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Jeremy Loops Shares Studio Diary Of The Making Of ‘Heard You Got Love’

South African artist Jeremy Loops has played some of the world’s most prestigious venues – including a sell-out headline Brixton Academy show in the UK – with his high-energy music, amassing over 250 million global streams, and growing. He’s just released his long-awaited third album, ‘Heard You Got Love’, a record of head-bopping anthems perfect for sunny days. Today we’re stoked to share with you an exclusive studio diary taken during the making of the record.


It’s All good:

James Erp and I out here with the messy hair don’t care. You look at this pic, and you can tell the general disposition was ‘cool out. Take it easy. It’s all good.’ Which is the title of the song we ended up writing together, and the lead track from the album.


Happy Birthday:

I wrote Happy Birthday with Eg White. His studio is classic. His door handle is literally a drill, which when pressed, activates this giant bolt that essentially locks the space down like a vault so his kids and family don’t disturb him. Extreme measures, but it was fun.

Duck Visits Between Studios:

I played to all the ducks and geese while traversing studio sessions and being in and out of rooms in London. It must’ve looked weird AF to other people, but it centred with.

A blur:

When you’re deep in album mode, you’re in so many studios and in so many spaces, they become a blur. I legitimately don’t remember whose studio this was – I didn’t actually end up writing in it, but we did have a meeting in it that open other doors and opportunities.


Watching The Rugby World Cup With Ed Sheeran

Writing Better Together With Ed Sheeran

My fondest memory of writing Better Together with Ed Sheeran was how relaxed the session was. You can see on both of our expressions the fun we were having bringing that song to life. And working with an artist of his calibre, you just don’t know how the session will turn out, so this was super cool.


Jeremy Loops new album, Heard You Got Love is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra