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Jim Jam Pushes His Production To The Next Level On His New Single, ‘Big Bad World’

London singer-songwriter Jim Jam has just released his new single, Big Bad World. It follows on from his previously released 2020 singles, Work and Get Away. This latest offering is deep and bold, with exceptional production and forward thinking creativity.

Big Bad World oozes a sense of cool. Lo-fi yet punchy drums, swoony guitars, and waves of electronic production make this one a track that you can’t not like, no matter what your genre taste. It has a vocal delivery that a mix between that of early Kevin Parker with a touch of early Beck even.

Lyrically the track is inspired by some pretty rough things happening in his local neighborhood.

“The song imagines the gang wars which operate very closely against us yet almost hidden away, and a specific member exploring the possibilities of leaving that life. The sounds of the record are intertwined with a very real story against a futuristic dystopian city – one I’d imagine to be my London.” – Jim Jam

Overall Big Bad World is a track that is interesting in it’s own right and sonically well balanced. It’s an exceptional creation that demands your attention.

Big Bad World is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra