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Joan and The Giants Fill Us With Butterflies On Their Latest Offering, ‘Home Song’

Perth alt-pop four-piece, Joan and The Giants have today revealed their brand new single, Home Song. It follows on from their successful single, Slow Motion.

Home Song is a warm piece that captures the listener from the moment that play is pressed. Rich guitar work kicks things off and it quickly lights up into a big and bright sound. Written as an internal love song between band members, Grace and Aaron it’s filled with feel good vibes.

‘Home Song’ was written on a Sunday in June 202I. Aaron and I had a pointless fight over nothing (probably the dishes), then he saw all of these missed calls on his phone and found out his grandma was seriously ill and he needed to fly to Broome immediately to say goodbye.”

“When he flew away, it put everything into perspective and I just wanted to take the pain from his chest and hold it for a while. It taught me to not take anything for granted, and to hold the people you love close… So this song is for Aaron, my home.”  Grace Newton -Wordsworth.

If that doesn’t fill your Friday with love I don’t know what will! A beautiful and upbeat tune, perfect for a festival sing a long, Home Song is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro